Coming To A Prom Near You…Oscar Fashion Copy Cats Dominate Fast Fashion Trends

March 28, 2013 • Fashion Blog, Fashion for the Masses


Would you really confuse the dress on the right from Sears as even a close proximity of the Dior gown worn by Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence? I think not.

I just read this article in Forbes about retailers rushing to get Oscar Fashions out less than a month after award season has ended. This is really nothing new. ABS would have dresses knocked off the next day and have so for years. However, in this fast-paced digital world, mass market versions of red carpet couture are turning up in malls all across the country at chains like Sears and Forever 21. The difference this time is they already know what will sell.

“Immediate access to what people are ‘liking’ and responding to in real-time through new social media platforms shaves weeks off of our process and it allows us to adapt to the latest trends and provide our customers with what they want even more quickly,” Linda Chang, marketing director for fast-fashion chain Forever 21. As we all know Forever 21’s business model is to churn out runway looks at bargain prices in bargain fabrics at a rapid fire pace.

“With technology advancing every moment, fashion is moving at a nonstop pace,” commented Lubov Azria, co-creative director and head designer of BCBGMAXAZRIAGROUP. “Because the Oscars set the bar for all red carpet fashion, mass audiences look to the red carpet for inspiration,” Azria said.

Pink, blush, coral, creams and reds were the most influential colors on the carpet, this season. Top style trends were strapless gowns and halter-tops. So look for these now in national chains. Yet, the dress of the season was worn by none other than the best actress winner Jennifer Lawrence. Therefore her Dior dress is the knockoff dress of the season. Sears is selling the Jump Apparel prom dress (pictured above), which was directly inspired by Lawrence’s Dior gown, for just $218. Yet, saying it was ‘inspired by’ is a stretch.

Don’t worry. If you preferred Charlize Theron’s Dior ivory peplum or Halle Berry’s futuristic Versace gown, Forever 21 will have those ripped off by fall. Much to the delight I’m sure of teenagers everywhere.

Read “Oscar Fashions Stage a Mall-Store Sequel at Chains Such as Sears, Forever 21” here.

– Lauren Dimet Waters

Source: Forbes

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