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April 1, 2013 • Magazine, Pret Reporteur


Spring is finally making its presence known these days, but not without a price. While we anxiously wait for the blossoming days of sunshine and cool breezes, we are presently stuck with unpredictable showers, sudden bursts of cold air and the occasional gusts of monstrous winds. With so many weather elements to keep in mind, it makes it more than difficult for us to stay chic and stylish these days. Thankfully, the skilled stylist knows that there are many options out there, if you know what to look for. So, to take a (fashion) load off you mind, here are a few choices to keep in mind these coming weeks. They’ll keep your fashionably high and dry throughout the day:

1. Sergio Rossi Rubber and Leather Wedge Rain Boots, $350

These April showers are a big pain. It’s hard enough navigating through muddy walkways without having to worry about ruining your expensive footwear, but what’s our other option? Wearing clumsy and bulky rubber boots? Never! Thank goodness there are boots out there like these Sergio Rossi numbers. It’s got the flattering form of riding boots, but a sole that’s made to grab to the pavement – no slippin’ and slidin’ for you!

2. Loeffler Randall Rain Boots- Slip On Bootie, $150

So if you still find the thought of  high rain boots chilling, there are other options to consider. Loeffler Randall‘s slip-on bootie boasts a fun, leopard pattern, and hides its rubbery sole from on-lookers. It’s much more lightweight than traditional rain boots, but still keeps the raindrops from seeping in. In conclusion, the perfect rain boot alternative.

3. Free People Catching Stars Raincoat, $88

When you pass the age of 5, raincoats become such a drag. Often in dry, boring colors like black and brown, there’s very little excitement in the outerwear. That’s when Free People steps in. Their lightweight trench is perfect for the warmer spring days because it doesn’t weigh you down. Think of it as a super-chic, super-fancy poncho, complete with a pink color finish and feminine print.

4. Felix Rey Rain Rain Go Away Clear Umbrella, $65

Umbrellas are the most ignored fashion accessory! They’re boring, unreliable, and at the very least, totally ugly. But they don’t have to be! This Felix Rey umbrella takes the old “Rain Rain” nursery rhyme, and puts it to good use. It’s unique shape takes up less room than traditional options, so you don’t have to worry about knocking someone out as you walk down the sidewalk. Best part? It’s clear finish makes it so much easier to navigate through traffic.

5. Burberry London Honey Long Cotton Gabardine Kensington Trench Coat, $1870

Wintery-mix days are the worst. It’s half snow, half rain, and all cold. So how do we fight back? Well, think of the Londoners, who are tainted with depressing weather almost all year. They turn to the ever reliable, ever fabulous Burberry trench coat. A Burberry trench is classic, timeless, and completely functional – come on, they were designed for soldiers fighting in the trenches of World War II! If it’s your first splurge in a trench, go for the classic khaki color. If you’re still in doubt, check out Old Hollywood movies like Breakfast at Tiffany’s and Casablanca. They totally bring out the best in the trench.

6. Eric Javits Rain Bucket Hat, $175

If you’re not an umbrella girl, a hat is your best option. Problem is, hats can be tricky. You need one that has enough nylon on the outside to shield you from falling water droplets, but has a soft cotton lining, so the color doesn’t bleed into your forehead. Luckily, this Eric Javits bucket hat meets both those criteria!

– Laurie Espino

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