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2012 Sales Show a 3.3% Increase for Dresses & Jeans

Dresses and jeans are popular among women because they can be dressed up or down. Both categories of clothing had double-digit sales increases last year and the growth rate of women’s apparel rose above menswear. In 2012, women’s apparel sales at retail grew 3.3 percent, expanding to $111.37 billion. Men’s apparel sales rose 1.4 percent to $56.61 billion. Menswear sales rose 4.2 percent in 2011 to $55.82 billion while women’s wear sales were up a more modest 1.5 percent to $107.87 billion. Apparel sales last year were up 2.6 percent, to $167.98 billion, more than the 2.4 percent increase registered in 2011, when they hit $163.69 billion.

Marshal Cohen, chief industry analyst at NPD, said the results “show that women are investing in their wardrobes by buying less, spending more and expecting their clothes to be more versatile. With less disposable income, women are more selective in their purchases so retailers must really try to grab their attention.”

New Petition Demands Parsons Get Rid of John Galliano

After Sunday’s announcement that John Galliano would be teaching a class at Parsons, a petition was started on protesting the designer’s new teaching job. The petition currently has 175 signature and argues that it’s “disgraceful” for the school to hire the controversial designer who, only two years ago, was arrested and then fired from Dior for making anti-Semitic slurs.

“It doesn’t matter if it’s for three months or three days, hiring someone who has made such horrific comments shows that the school values Galliano over their entire Jewish student body,” the petition argues. “It shows they value him over their students’ respect, peace of mind, and heritage.”

The petition is anonymous, but it appears to be coming from a Parsons student. “We do not want money from our tuition going to this kind of person,” the petition states. “We feel like we’ve been slapped in the face by our school.” It calls for Parsons to revoke Galliano’s position, asking signees to agree to the statement: “Anti-Semitic Fashion Designer John Galliano should not teach at the school as it undermines the school’s respect for their entire Jewish body.”

Some people remain positive though. “Oh my gosh! I would love to attend his classes. No matter what he’s said or done, J. Galiano has had great impact in the fashion industry and his students will have an amazing teacher to learn from. His talent is fabulous. Wonderful news for those privileged to attend the three-day class!” wrote AnnaCris.

Sofia Vergara Launches Shapewear at Kmart

Modern Family star Sofia Vergara plans to bring a sexy flair to Kmart with a collection of shapewear. The line of nine different shapers will launch at 800 Kmart stores starting in June. “My shapewear launch is very exciting and really fun for me because the colors and materials are so sexy,” said Vergara.

John Goodman, executive vice president of apparel, said “We think Sofia has a great way about her. She’s beautiful. She has a specific style and she truly represents the modern woman.”

– Claire Mykrantz

Source: WWD & Fashionista

Image: WWD

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