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Retail Business Booms In Brooklyn

Brooklyn has long been acquiring a name for itself in the hip indie scene with its restaurants, bars and independent boutiques. Now, Brooklyn is pulling in the attention of national and international fashion retailers who are eager to get in on this growing scene.

“Transactions involving retail properties in the borough in 2012 totalled $1.18 billion in value terms, a 499 percent increase over the previous year. The number of retail transactions rose 37 percent. While a large part of the borough’s 2012 retail sales came from the $751 million sale of the Kings Plaza Mall, the largest New York City transaction on record last year, even without the mall’s contribution, the uptick was a healthy 171 percent.”

Sources say that Urban Outfitters as well as J.Crew are looking to set up shop in Williamsburg while Apple is looking at a location on Bedford Street as well as one in Williamsburg too. Nordstrom is zeroing in on a location on the Fulton Mall.

“We’re seeing a ton of interest from people who never looked in Brooklyn before,” said Ryan Condren, managing director of real estate services at CPEX.

Gatsby Costume Exhibit Opens 

With the Baz Luhrmann film adaptation of “The Great Gatsby” about to premiere in theaters, an exhibit of the Prada-Martin costumes from the film will open tonight at Prada’s SoHo flagship. The costume exhibit will run through May 12 before it goes to Tokyo.

Without the knowledge of Miuccia Prada, costume designer, Catherine Martin, used existing Prada and Miu Miu looks to dress the actors in during one of the film’s tests. The clothes worked so well in the film’s party scenes that Martin asked Prada to participate in the creation of these costumes for the film. Prada contributed 40 looks for the film’s two party scenes while Brooks Brothers supplied all of the primary clothes for the men and 600 background suits.

“When I read it, it was psychological. It was not about glamour for me,” Prada told WWD of her most recent reading of the novel. “It was a real [study of] personality, very internalized.”

Boucheron Opens High Jewelry Line to Public

Boucheron, a Parisian jeweler, “is exhibiting its High Jewelry line to the general public for the first time at a temporary café set up in Tokyo’s Roppongi Hills shopping complex.”

The café where the exhibit is being held includes a special menu that is inspired by the jewelry on display. Some of the items include a dessert that resembles a pearl and a salad that is inspired by a necklace of flowers and foliage.

The items in the showcase are “artfully placed in a glass surrounded by real greenery.” Makoto Azuma, a Japanese flower artist, goes to the venue each morning to replace the flowers with fresh ones. This exhibit will run through May 26 and opened officially last Saturday.

– Jamie Wilson

Source & Image: WWD


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