Bloomingdale’s Gets High-Tech For Denim Shoppers

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Shopping, in theory, is supposed to be fun and stress free. Yet when it comes to tasks like finding the right pair of jeans, things seem to head downhill pretty quickly. They fit your hips but not your waist. They hug you in all the right places but they’re three sizes too long. Or they just don’t work at all. These are just a few scenarios in the quest for finding the perfect fit. However, like something out of a sci-fi movie, Bloomingdale’s has come up with a new creation to hopefully solve these denim woes.

The high-end department store has installed podlike scanners on its denim floors. These stations which are 14 feet in diameter and 10 feet high are meant to help customers find the brands that best fit their body types.

“Customers are curious for sure,” said Tanya Shaw, the chief executive officer of Me-Ality, the fit technology firm in Nova Scotia that developed the “size-matching station.”

Shoppers enter a cylinder enclosed in glass, then a large wand rotates back and forth around the shopper for about 20 seconds. The machine reads the individuals body moisture and collects data that links to the denim data in the system. Then the shopper receives a print out of denim recommendations carried in the store.

“Bloomingdale’s has the scanner in five locations, including its 59th Street flagship. In shopping malls around the country, there are 65 Me-Ality stations in common areas. These stations have much larger databases, on average containing more than 150 brands and 8,500 styles across sportswear, dresses, jackets, men’s wear and intimate apparel.”

Bloomingdale’s is the first retailer to use this system. It is currently used for premium denim and the system has 16 brands and 83 styles in its database.

– Jamie Wilson

Source & Image: WWD


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