Hedi Slimane Brings Some Edge Back To YSL

May 3, 2013 • Designers, Fashion, Fashion Blog


Since becoming creative director of Yves Saint Laurent, Hedi Slimane, has not wasted any time making big changes to the fashion house, he’s even gone as far as to simplify the house’s iconic name to just Saint Laurent. However, these changes have been followed up by all sorts of controversy.

He truncated the legendary name, he went from classic to rocker when it came to his ad campaigns and he created a clothing collection that is quiet obviously on his own terms. All of these changes and more have caused much distaste and criticism in some fashion circles. Where has all of the Parisian luxury gone?! is probably what they’re inquiring with agony as their arms stretch up to the sky for answers. However, I don’t see what the big problem is. All of the essential YSL charm is still there, it just has a new interpretation.

In fact, this is exactly what the fashion house needed — a new breath of life and a new spin on the brand. The critics always have something to say about things that break the norm, but the fashion certainly is speaking out for itself.

“Critics have called out Slimane for being everything from disrespectful to baffling to horrifying. It would be easier to swallow the vitriolic industry response to these first collections if the looks weren’t selling so, so well.”

Slimane is redefining what Saint Laurent is by getting back to the basics of the brand. He’s bringing back youthfulness and innovation, so how could anyone judge him for that.

“Hedi seems to breathe and bleed the revolutionary spirit of Yves, thus championing the rarest and most precious of qualities in a successor: embodiment.”

– Jamie Wilson

Source & Image: NY Post

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