It’s Time To Bring The Fitting Room Home! True&Co Brings The Dreaded In-store Bra Experience To The Comfort Of Your Home

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I learned this scary statistic several years ago and it might shock you as much as it did me when I first heard it…80% of all women are wearing the wrong sized bra! Could you be one of them? I can’t stress how important it is to make sure you are in fact wearing the right size bra. For one, clothes look and fit a lot better when you do. Two, it’s not as scary as you think. Especially now that there is an online bra retailer takes uncomfortable in-store experience to the comfort of your home. True&Co has successfully taken the stress out of shopping for proper fitting bras.

It’s so important to continually find the proper fit when it comes to bras. Especially if you have lost weight, gained weight, had a baby or are pregnant. I nearly hit the floor when I found out how off my bras were after I had my second child. We are talking way off. For many women, shopping for intimates involves embarrassing fitting room experiences and the confusion of measuring tape. What usually begins as an attempt to find a bra that flatters your body the most is often instead a painful time-consuming experience dealing with inconsistent sizing across different brands and retailers. True&CO’s 24/7 online availability will put you completely at ease.


Simply take the 2-minute online fit quiz to find the best styles for you. True&Co utilizes technology to then determine which bras out of hundreds of styles best fit each woman’s unique body shape. There are basic styles, playful printed gingham styles and even classically romantic and lacey options from more than 20 brands such as Calvin Klein and Natori. You are then presented a bra shop specifically curated for you. You can then pick he ones you want to try and/or they will send you a few they suggest. Then you are sent 5 bras to try on at home, and can return any that don’t fit or you don’t like, risk free. You only pay for the bras you wish to keep. How genius is that?

True&Co tracks each customer’s specific purchase history, recommending the most relevant items to ensure future purchases are the best fitting styles for each woman’s specific body shape over time. “The busy, fashionable, always-online woman told us she wanted a new way to access great styles, great value, and exceptional, personalized service. We deliver the best parts of the in-store experience – the expert counsel of a bra fitter and the ability to try on bras before she buys – to her doorstep” said Michelle Lam, CEO and co-founder of True&Co.

My True&Co delivery

My True&Co delivery

My Experience

So a few weeks ago I tried the service for myself. I happen to now know my correct bra size now yet the quiz was interesting and revealing. It’s sort of like, but for bras. I know I like full-coverage and wanted at least one t-shirt friendly bra nda a couple of sexy ones. I picked 2 I wanted to try and let them pick the other 3. Easy as pie.

The True&Co delivery of bra were presented in beautiful packaging.

The True&Co delivery of bra were presented in beautiful packaging.

In less than a week my bras arrived and they were beautifully packaged. I was actually very impressed with the selection. Especially since my bra size isn’t the easiest to shop for (34DD). I was thrilled to see there were 2 nude, 2 black and to my pleasant surprise…a sexy, deep red, lacey bra. I had no idea there was such a bra in my size!

My personally curated selection of 5 bras from True&Co

My personally curated selection of 5 bras from True&Co

I kept them all and could not be happier. In fact, I tossed out a few of my older bras to make room for these. If you are searching for a truly painless bra fitting experience…you must give True&Co a try!


For more information, call 1-888-968-TRUE or email

– Lauren Dimet Waters

Product received for review, but opinions are purely my own.

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