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Here at Second City Style, we’ve seen and followed the fashion shows in London and Milan. We’re pretty sure we know what’s popular among the Japanese streetwear set and what the ultra-stylish Parisians are wearing. We pride ourselves on knowing what’s in and out in fashion for this current season and the coming one. But do we really know what’s trending in style outside the US? And if we do, are we taking what we know and using it to make our own personal fashion even better?

Thanks to the international world of fashion bloggers (and yes, we most certainly put ourselves in that notable category) we’re able to get inspiration from fashionistas and fashionistos around the world.

And thanks to a new site called Webflakes, we can find all of these leading international fashion bloggers, experts and trendsetters in one place, with their content translated into English for us to read and enjoy.

The fashion bloggers below are showing us what’s popular in fashion around the world. Some of the trends you may instantly recognize, while some are a pleasant surprise.

Black and White Back For Spring/Summer 2013 (Italy)


It looks like we weren’t the only ones that noticed the black and white combo is on its way back as one of the biggest trends of the Spring/Summer 2013 season. Letizia, the Italian fashion founder of Blonde Suite, a relaxed, but eccentric blog shared by three blondes, also says the popular mix is the perfect blend of elegance and minimalism, though she herself is getting a bit tired of it. To get noticed in this trend, the Milan resident says play up an ebony and ivory motif or add a touch of fuchsia.

Bare Shoulder Trend (China)


Japanese freelance designer Ryu Koyama has been photographing the fashion in China to get a better feel for the street style. Through pictures taken on Saturday and Sunday afternoon for his blog City Beat, at Shanghai’s Ganfui Square in April, he’s made it obvious through visuals that the bare shoulder trend is hot and happening in China. This trend, which is not as obvious in the US (though I kind of wish it would be) was also popular in Tokyo in 2012, according to the blogger. The blogger also says that “sexy DNA” is deep rooted in Shanghai fashion, so its obvious why the bare shoulder trend is pretty popular. Would you rock it?

The Marriage of Texture and Prints (France) 
Blogger Audrwey A knows her fashion – and explores the style of Montreal and France in her blog Jeans & Stilettos, featuring everything from upcoming trends for Spring/Summer 2013 to interviews with stylists. But it was the blog post about a recent Parisian student that caught my attention. Laura, the student, was casual but impeccably dressed in the way that Parisians just seem to know how to do. It’s people like Laura who literally spend 5 minutes on their outfits and yet look like they spent hours. What was particularly impressive was the way Laura mixed texture and prints – opting for a casual shoulder padded navy blazer with Vila lace shorts and throwing in a gingham checkered handbag with a decorated polka dot bow. There were so many textures here and yet everything just worked.  Perhaps this “marriage of texture and prints” is the new “IT” trend of the future. Do you like or is it too much?
The Right Necklace to Punch Up An Outfit (Spain)

The Spanish blogger from Obeblog has a post that needs very few words – because (as many fashion bloggers are akin to) the pictures speak volumes. This two-toned Lowlita necklace adds something bright and powerful to the entire outfit. This goes to show – it doesn’t matter what country you are in, a great accessory can totally make a minimal blah outfit pop.

The Luxuriation of Accessories (France)

Something that you may have noticed Europeans do quite well is embellishing their accessorizes. This means take that everyday iPhone case, pen holder, glasses case, etc, and making it extra luxurious. As the blogger behind So Black Tie has noticed, the brand Galerie Galuchat has done this quite well – taking the idea of galuchat (shagreen), a rough kind of rawhide used for leather, and using it for iPad cases, coin purses and the like. In a country where we have our accessories and technology by our side at all times, it’s no surprise that many of the fashion folk have taken to accentuating them for all to see.

– Simona Kogan

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