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Denim & Supply Opens First U.S. Stores

D&S, launched by Ralph Lauren Corp. in 2011, will open its second U.S. store, and its first in New York, with a 4,000-square-foot shop at 99 University Place in Manhattan. Denim & Supply is a young and hip store by Ralph Lauren with a great collection of premium denims.

David Lauren, executive vice president of advertising, marketing and corporate communications for Ralph Lauren said, “Rugby was always Polo’s younger brother, and we thought that with such a wide audience, Polo could serve that customer very well going forward.”

Large U.S. retailers sue Visa, MasterCard over card fees

A group of U.S. retailers, including Macy’s Inc. and Target Corp. sued Visa Inc. and Mastercard Inc. on Thursday, breaking off from a proposed $7.2 billion settlement reached last year over fees to process credit card transactions. The lawsuit came ahead of a May 28 deadline for the millions of merchants who were affected by the settlement to decide whether to forgo receiving damages under the pact and pursue their own legal action. The companies have been accused of inflating so-called interchange, or swipe, fees. They say the pact offers inadequate compensation and forces them to sign broad litigation releases that could shield Visa and Mastercard from future lawsuits over antitrust violations.

Are Pop up stores here to stay?

Many industry experts say pop-up stores are here to stay! The main reason is because it strikes both business owners and customers as a cure for the sense of retail ennui that has spread through out the industry since the start of the recession. Pop-up stores have several advantages but the basic format is that a retailer looking to sell something with a short shelf life, launch a brand or build awareness opens a storefront for a few days or weeks. The buzz is there and then gone.

Wharton marketing professor Stephen J. Hoch says, “It’s about trying to get people there all at the same time to create additional excitement, because it’s a pop-up, and it’s not going to be there much longer.” Other professionals think, that Pop-up stores are more fun and different. Everyone has started to use pop-up retail including Halloween costume stores and opera companies.

Tory Burch Resort 2014

For resort her resort collection, Tory Burch put her boyish leanings aside for something more classically feminine. More floral prints in painterly colors and inspiration from impressionist paintings. A lot of Moroccan hats with mixes of pale blues and neutrals worked perfectly on maxi skirts and tunics. Finishing the look were a plethora of accessories: big jewelry and new oversize handbags that were either bedecked with embroideries or done in a combination of raffia and printed snake.

– Mehar Singh

Photo & Source: WWD, Reuters and Knowledge at Wharton



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