Hooked On The Dailey Method In Chicago: An Interview With Studio Owner Tami Conway

June 4, 2013 • Fashion Blog, Health & Fitness


Tami Conway at The Dailey Method Bucktown

When I was first introduced to The Dailey Method, I was convinced this exercise program could be the answer for busy women (like myself) who want to get in shape and become more toned even though they have a minimum amount of time. After taking the classes for several months I am pleased to announce that I was right! If you like Pilates, dance and yoga, you will be a natural at the The Dailey Method. But even if you never tried these types of exercise don’t let it stop you, because The Dailey Method instructors will explain each move to you as you go along. I met many women who became hooked who had never danced nor touched a barre before!

I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to attend a Master Class with founder Jill Dailey Mcintosh when she was in Chicago a few months ago. Tami Conway, who owns The Dailey Method Bucktown and The Dailey Method Lincoln Park demonstrated as Jill instructed and other Chicago area instructors helped us with our posture and alignment.

Tami told me it is best to go at least 3 times a week to achieve the best results, and she was right. I can feel that “good kind of soreness” the day after each class I take. I feel every muscle in my body tightening signifying the method is working.

I love attending classes at both the Bucktown and Lincoln Park locations. All of the instructors are fantastic and are always saying encouraging things to keep your motivation up throughout the class. If you drive, you can usually find free parking, both locations are childcare friendly, and are in trendy neighborhoods for shopping and dining.


Leanne Kurzweil and Tami Conway at The Dailey Method Lincoln Park.

I asked Tami Conway some questions about how she got started and came to own three studios in Chicago. She owns The Dailey Method Bucktown and Lincoln Park, and is a co-owner with Leanne Kurzweil at the North Shore location.

SCS: How did you start doing The Dailey Method? What personally sold you on it?

TC: My girlfriend told me about The Dailey Method when I was 7 months pregnant and looking for a life change. I was teaching and taking classes at a competitor and loved barre classes as it changed my body completely! I took Jill Dailey’s class and realized how much more amazing TDM was compared to other barre classes out there as there was much more educating throughout, the pace was faster and every class was different!

SCS: Why did you decide to start your own studio(s)?

TC: I was commuting 2 hours a day to my school teaching job and I wanted a more balanced life with my soon-to-be kids. After finding TDM and their policy to provide childcare to clients I decided it was the perfect fit. Especially, since my 2 passions were fitness and teaching. I started writing my business plan during the first year at home with my daughter and opened when she turned 1. I brought her to work with me every day since we had childcare and it became my family’s passionate hobby. My husband (who used to wear a suit and tie to work everyday and now can dress down in the latest Lululemon) and I have now made it into our family business.

SCS: What advice do you give to others when starting their own The Dailey Method business?

TC: Choose a great location and immerse yourself in the community! Find a marketing team if you are a sole owner (even if it’s a teacher, manager or friend). It is easier to brainstorm with others than try to come up with new events and ideas by yourself! Perfect your product- give teacher evaluations often, connect to your teachers to show you care not only about their classes, but about them personally. Create a community with your clients and make them feel like your studio is their happy place!

Here are some quotes and great stories from women hooked on The Dailey Method.

“I love how very efficient TDM workout is. Every muscle is worked and there’s a cardio boost, as well. I’ve pounded away on the treadmill for years and never saw any change. However, the strength in my arms, core, all over really, it’s superb! I do have to say, I love how firm my gluteus minimus and gluteus maximus are getting!” -Sally

“I never really “enjoyed” exercise per se. In retrospect, the only workouts I ever really liked were playing competitive sports –  and dance. The Dailey Method changed my life. I realize that may sound dramatic, but it’s true. I take class 6-7 days a week and it’s one of the best parts of my day. It’s challenging, impactful, sustainable – and it’s actually fun. Bonus: RESULTS! Since I started I’ve lost both pounds and inches. More importantly, I feel healthy and strong.” – Julia F

“I no longer feel fatigued and I love beginning my day knowing I did something to improve myself. The Dailey Method has helped me to embrace my 40s and reverse (well, almost!) the muffin top and droopy muscle tone which I was beginning to resolve as middle age. Thank you Tami, Leanne and all the wonderful instructors who have kicked my butt into shape.” – Jill

Visit The Dailey Method!

The Dailey Method Bucktown | 1714 N Damen Avenue (at W St. Paul) • Chicago, IL | 773.904.8913

The Dailey Method Lincoln Park | 2301 North Clark Street • Chicago, IL | 773.883.2990

–Carol Calaaci

Disclosure: Classes received for review, but the opinions expressed are my own.


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