Phenom Cover-Up Finds For Under $100

June 25, 2013 • Fashion, Fashion Blog, Shopping

There are many things I don’t mind spending money on (after all, I’m pretty good at it), but one things that doesn’t make the cut are beach/pool cover-ups. For some reason I refuse to spend much on them, yet I want to look better than just throwing a pair of shorts and a tee over my suit. Sometimes I find myself running errands before or after the beach and I want to look like a pulled together mom, not a middle-aged woman looking like she is trying to relive her teen years. That said, I also don’t want to resemble one of those older women who wears designer duds to the beach, because…I just think that looks ridiculous. Last year I picked up a couple of cover-ups in beautiful prints at Old Navy (yes, you read that right) for $20 each! Another trick of mine is to buy a brightly colored or patterned cotton summer tank dress at Old Navy on the sale rack and just use it as a cover-up. Let’s see what I found for under $100 (my limit) that are worthy of your attention this year…

– Lauren Dimet Waters
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