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June 27, 2013 • Magazine, Male Box


With summer upon us, fashion types everywhere are asking themselves the eternal question: What do I pack? Whether you are headed to the beach for the weekend or are setting off on a grand tour of Europe, you are no doubt playing a game of baggage Tetris in your head. How do you make sure that you can bring everything you will need and still have room for the things that you might need?

Fashion types are frantically preparing for the upcoming Miami Swim Week. That should require just a hand carry bag – or a rollaboard at most – with a swimsuit, a coverup and perhaps an extra pair of strappy sandals, right? Well – NO – of course not! You need bathing suits for the beach, ones for the pool, and color-coordinated ones to go under the cute cover-ups you bought for beachside lunches. And don’t forget your most gorgeous swimsuits – the ones that cannot under any circumstances actually touch water. Plus, Miami in July means bringing every antihumectant hair product – full size – that you can get your hands on. That means checking a bag. That means you can bring up to an extra 50 pounds of “options” – like that evening gown you will “need” if you are strolling down the beach and suddenly get invited to a black tie cocktail party. See how slippery this slope is?

To help you avoid maxxing out your baggage allowance, I thought I might point out some of the season’s hottest items for your summer travels. Firstly, crochet is the hottest trend of the season. The crochet triangle bikini may be hard to wear, but a crochet coverup like this one from Robin Piccone to throw over your favorite suit is super easy. If a sporty one-piece is more your style, why not try Robin Piccone’s one piece with the crochet overlay. The peekaboo effect is sure to make a splash at any pool party!

Although the phrase “bathing dress” conjures up images of Victorian women in baggy knee-length black dresses with matching caps, this season’s bathing dress is anything but demure. Gottex offers the best skirted one-piece swimsuits – cute with a dash of sex appeal.

No summer weekend wardrobe would be complete without a pair of wedges. You’ll need these to navigate sandy beaches and grassy polo fields. While everyone else is struggling to keep their stilettos from sinking in, you’ll be able to dash to the bar or the champagne tent with ease. For this summer, Tom’s offers a classic wedge sandal with crochet accents that will be your go-to shoe for the season.

Any seasoned traveler knows that the Longchamp Pliage bag is the perfect weekend bag. You can take it as your carry on and then use it throughout the weekend. You can pack several in almost no space and have color-coordinated bags for all your outfits. True aficionados of Longchamp collect the limited edition Jeremy Scott bags each season. This year’s is a golden blend of leopard print and the insignia from the one dollar bill that will look great on the beach, on the deck of a yacht or sitting next to you at lunch.

Good luck packing lightly for your summer travels. I myself have been known to pack like Lovey Howell of Gilligan’s Island fame. She seemed to have packed a decade’s worth of clothes for a 3-hour cruise. That’s my kind of gal!

1. Robin Piccone ‘Penelope’ Crochet Kerchief Cover-Up Dress, $88

2. Longchamp ‘Jeremy Scott – Leopard Flourish’ Canvas Travel Bag, $355

3. Profile By Gottex ‘Black Tie’ Skirted One Piece Bandeau Swimsuit, $138

4. Robin Piccone ‘Raquel’ Portrait Back One Piece Swimsuit, $154

5. TOMS Crochet Wedge Sandal, $73.95

–Joseph Ungoco

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