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July 3, 2013 • Fashion Blog, Health & Fitness, Under-Pinnings


One of the reasons I don’t run (besides hating it) is that my boobs are too big and even when wearing two sports bras…it hurts. The only way I will run now is if one of my sons darts into the street or if I’m literally running for my life. If you are a C cup or bigger, you know what I mean. Also, most sports bras give you that dreaded ‘uni-boob’ or worse yet, if they have adequate support, they are just plain UGLY. Besides, getting in and out of sports bras that don’t have hooks and eyes is a workout out on it’s own. Right?

An entire rack of A Girl's Best Friend Bras in every size imaginable

An entire rack of A Girl’s Best Friend Bras in every size imaginable

Luckily Lucy (the makers of affordable women’s workout wear) made finding a better solution a priority. Last week I attended the press preview where Lucy introduced and presented their new and most supportive bra, aptly named The Girls Best Friend Bra, $59. They literally spent a year developing and testing this bra to ensure that it is the most supportive and comfortable bra of its kind. On top of that, it’s sexy too. I can attest. I actually tried a few on while there to find my best fit and guess what? It’s a game changer. I’m not going to show photos (as none were taken) so you are just going to have to trust me.

What makes this bra so damn special? It has wider straps with padding for added comfort and stability. They don’t dig into your shoulders or back. There is also a strap under the breasts that doesn’t dig and keeps the bra in place. The cups are encapsulated for ultimate support, and they also wick away moisture (yes, boob sweat). What also helps is the between bust ventilation (there is no uni-boob). Now the best part is that it’s fairly easy to get on and off. You do pull one part over your head, but then you strap your girls in with adjustable back straps and 3 hook and eye closures. It’s actually easier to get into and out of than it sounds. It give my girls the best lift I have ever gotten from a sports bra hands down.

A closer look...

A closer look…

Now I know the true test is actually working out in it, so I did that too. First I can tell you my workout tanks look better! The best part is that not only were my girls lifted, they didn’t budge. Not up and down, not side to side. Nada. There was literally no movement! Also, there is no chaffing since the bra is constructed with padded bonds.

I think for the price, this bra is a great value. I have seen sports bras cost more that are not nearly as good. My only complaint is that it only comes in black. However, I was assured at the preview that more colors are coming soon.

THIS girl's new best friend.

THIS girl’s new best friend.

Keep in mind this sports bra is for women with a C cup and bigger. It comes in sizes 34C up to 38DD.

The Girls Best Friend Bra, $59


– Lauren Dimet Waters

Photos: Lucy & Second City Style

Sample provided for review, but opinions are my own.

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