Buy Now, Wear Now, Wear For Fall Too: The Embellished Sweatshirt

July 10, 2013 • Fashion Blog, Shopping, Trends

Did I ever in my wildest dreams think I would ever consider spending over $100 for a sweatshirt? Hell no! In fact, I’m just thankful the ripped, Flashdance sweatshirt look never really took off again. That look needs to remain where it belongs…in the 80’s. But come this fall it’s all about the embellished sweatshirt! We are talking wild patterns, fabric combinations, color-blocking and even in some cases…crystals (but than can easily border on tacky). Just be sure to steer clear of those clever sayings which will make you look like a fashion victim if you are over the age of 30. You know…like” Comme Des F*** Down.” However, if you find one that says “It ain’t Saint Laurent without Yves” let me know. See our embellished sweatshirt picks in our slide show. All available now.- Lauren Dimet Waters

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