Holy Crap This Is A Bad Beauty Idea! Austrian Crystal Nail Rings

July 19, 2013 • Bad Judgement, Beauty, Fashion Blog

Austrian Crystal Nail Rings

Austrian Crystal Nail Rings

I am the first one to admit I hate looking at manicures and nails on Pintrest, blogs, Facebook….you name it. I appreciate a good manicure, I just don’t want to see photos of nails. It grosses me out. So when I happened upon these God awful ‘nail rings’ I thought they just SCREAMED ‘Fashion Victim’!

This set of three tapered talons are actually nail rings bedecked with Austrian crystals that slip over fingertips to add instant sparkle and tackiness. Scarier still they come in your choice of white, black and champagne color.

Thankfully I have never seen anyone wear these in person because I might laugh out loud if I did, but I am afraid. Very afraid. I’m not even sure how I came across these, but I’m not going to share a link or any further information with you. Just in case you secretly lust for them. I will not play any role in this becoming a trend.

However, I’d rather see a scary manicure than these!

– Lauren Dimet Waters

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