Celebrity Style: How They Should Have Worn It: Vanessa Hudgens, Julianne Hough, Olivia Palermo and Miranda Kerr

July 22, 2013 • Celebrity Style, Magazine


Celebrities have always been known to showcase the latest and trendiest fashion – and to take some risks in doing so. They’re always the first ones to wear the hottest brands and model the newest pieces. But while we can look to them (well, most of them) for what to wear, we can’t always look to them for how to style it.

Blame it on the stylist, you say? Perhaps. But whether they get the designer or the stylist to do it or simply dress themselves, a fashion faux pas can be likely when trying something new. In the case of these four fashionistas, intentions were good and outfits well thought out – but in the end something could have been changed. Here’s how four celebs could have done it differently.

Vanessa Hudgens

I may not be a crop top connoisseur, but I can certainly get into this embroidered and embellished Catherine Malandrino shirt with sheer sleeves worn by Vanessa Hudgens. That being said, I would not have paired it with white slouchy trousers since they’re too casual and too matchy-matchy for the overall feel of the outfit. I would have paired the crop top with a long black skirt or black slouchy trousers at the very least.

Julianne Hough

Again, the matchy-matchy comes to a head. If you’re going to wear a casual gray dress, Julianne Hough, you might as well liven it up with shoes in a different color! Too much gray going on here in this All Saints ensemble – I would have swapped the gray booties for black ones and matched it to the belt.

Olivia Palermo

Those Aquazzura sandals are divine, Olivia Palermo. It’s just that the brown (or in this case, nude) shoes just don’t go with the black and white “snow leopard” shirt and a white skirt. I’ll take those shoes any day, I just wouldn’t wear them with this outfit. I’m so not a fan of brown shoes with a black and white outfit. What do you guys think?

Miranda Kerr

There’s something about this floral Topshop dress and Isabel Marant booties on Miranda Kerr that scream early 90s and I love it. What I don’t love about this outfit is that the shoes aren’t plain black booties. They’re cowboy boots that are embellished – which is great and all, if Miranda wasn’t already wearing an overtly busy print dress. The embellishment on the shoes is throwing this look into an over-the-top area and we’re pretty certain casual Kerr wasn’t going for that.

– Simona Kogan

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