IFAW Applauds Etsy Animal Ban

July 31, 2013 • Fashion Blog, Fashion News


One popular online marketplace made the powerful move to pull all animal products from its list of merchandises and the International Fund of Animal Welfare (IFAW) is thrilled.

Last week, Etsy announced it would no longer allow products made from certain animals, such as those designated as endangered or threatened, to be sold on its website. The move came after the Snow Leopard Trust, an organization that works to protect solely snow leopards, raised concerns about illegal items sold and later created a Care2Petition that garnered more than 33,000 signatures.

Etsy listened and made an official policy change. So what exactly is being removed? Illegal items made from cheetahs, elephants and rhinos, chinchillas, whales, bears and seals used to create furs, pelts, ivory, teeth and bones are all gone. IFAW praised the decision.

“It’s something [animal products] that has been out there since the internet started. Etsy is a really well-known fun site. It reflects positively for wildlife. Cruelty is not in fashion. It was pretty inspiring,” said Tracy Coppola, the campaign officer of the IFAW. The organization dedicated to conserving endangered animals conducts investigations throughout the year that bring important research to the forefront. For example, it discovered that the illegal animal products industry is a $19 billion trade. “It’s an elevating concern. It’s such a big huge anonymous market that thinks will continue to get out of control…It’s a shameful trade. There’s no need to buy,” said Coppola.

Etsy joins another e-commerce company – eBay. It banned animal products back in 2008, and IFAW saluted that business too. Coppola said these breaks are certainly a move in the right direction. “The word is really getting out…We are inspired to take this a bit further and focus on online trade in the U.S. pertaining to specific issues.”

– Najja Parker

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