Blogger Creates Hilarious Site For Fashionistas

August 2, 2013 • Fashion Blog, Fashion News


Cecilia Doan puts pen to paper to sketch pictures for her site.

Are all fashion blogs really that unique? Blogger Cecilia Doan doesn’t seem to think so. In fact, she created a Tumblr titled “Shit Bloggers Wear” to poke fun at sites that aim to be distinct but are really just following all the hoopla. The creative digital strategist from Portland, Oregon started the site to have some fun but to also get bloggers attention. “Everyday people are choosing hype and status over cultivating their own sense of style. If SBW serves a higher purpose beyond comedy – I get lots of LOL messages – I hope it acts as a reminder to choose wisely,” said Doan.

Inspired by the “Shit Girls Say” series, one of the reason’s the 24-year-old’s blog is so special is because she hand sketches the “shit bloggers wear.” From Birkenstocks to Michael Kors watches to Bermuda shorts, Doan draws everything on her site.

But don’t take offense, the artist insists she loves fashion bloggers and celebrate their work. “The blog may come off as a diss for some, but I commend fashion bloggers first and foremost for continually putting themselves out there for millions of people to enjoy/be inspired by … and secondly to make parodies of,” she said.

Go check out “Shit Bloggers Wear” for yourself. We guarantee you’ll laugh!

-Najja Parker

Source & Photo: Fashionista

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