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August 2, 2013 • Beauty, Fashion, Fashion Blog, Food, Wine & Spirits

A BB Cream for dudes?

A BB Cream for dudes?

OMG. There’s a BB Cream for men? According to the French blog Luxsure there is.

As every woman well knows, no man is as uninterested in beauty products as he would have you believe. In the end, what really makes him reluctant to use them is the amount of time and complexity required by beauty rituals.

Perfection in the blink of an eye is the idea that inspired Lab Series Skincare for Men to develop its latest product. Read more A BB Cream for All the Men Out There, here.



Clearly the title of this post alone caught my eye. “Quality Champagne Produced in India and China?” by Italian blog A Thousand Bubbles was most assuredly worth a look. Chinese Champagne? Blasphemy! Isn’t the whole point of Chandon champagne is that it is produced in the Campaign region of France?

Globalization and business operate by their own rules. They know nothing of international borders. . . or moral scruples. Confirmation comes courtesy of the specialized British website The Drink Business, which reports how a famous champagne house, Moët Hennessy, not content with making sparkling wines in Ningxia, northern China, has decided to produce a similar “bubbly” in northwest India too. Read more Quality Champagne Produced in India and China?, here.


Temporary tattoos you design? Apparently. According to “Tattoonie Design: Tailor-Made Temporary Tattoos” by the Spanish blog, The Girl with Bangs you can chose designs by famous artists or the company can make one of your own design and better yet? It’s reusable!

Tattoonie Design is an online shop that creates and distributes temporary tattoos with really cool designs!! They are a blast from the past, reminding me of the stickers that used to come for free in bags of chips… do you remember that? Read more “Tattoonie Design: Tailor-Made Temporary Tattoos” here.


I’m sorry, but I never tire of staring at pictures of sushi. and who knew there were pubs in Japan that serve it? Not me. Japanese blog My Life and Travels with My Cat Kenta got to experience it! I’m so jealous.

A Japanese style pub. Yesterday I somehow completed all my work. It doesn’t matter much though because a new surge of work will be upon me at some point.

I was walking aimlessly on my own and was about to go into a Korean style Izakaya only to find that it was full (maybe I was lucky they didn’t have any free seats because when I walked in I saw that it was no big deal anyway), so I went a bit further down the road. Read “Sushi at the Izakaya (Pub)” here.

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