Fashionattitude: Things I Won’t Miss When Summer Is Over

August 5, 2013 • Fashionattitude, Magazine


I really won’t mind when summer is over because I can’t stand to see any more…

1. Short Shorts with Booties

How this pairing carried over from the music festival circuit is beyond me, but it’s awful. Please make it stop. Now.

2. Cut-Outs

I am so over these. Mostly because it doesn’t look good on anyone, but celebrities.

3. Mullet Hemlines

OK, I seriously prayed this would be a one summer trend, but it has carried over into two and I am here to say, it’s ugly. Please don’t wear them any longer. They make your legs look odd. I do like a high/low top or sweater however. Just saying.

4. Cambridge Satchel In Any Color But Particularly In Neon

This bag has been done to death and even copied. Seriously, do you really need another one? They are hard as a rock and really unoriginal. Yes, it was pretty cool to see a bag under $200 become such a hit, but I’m over it. The neon ones are particularly offensive.

5. Ankle Bootie Thong Sandals

Do I really need to tell why these are so awful? Just look at them. Is it a bootie? A flip-flop? It’s confusing as well as an eye-sore.

6. Illusion Maxi Skirts

Just wear the damn mini! For the love of God.

– Gabriella Bridgeview

Photos: Shopbop, Asos, Macys, Farfetch and Discount Womens Dress Shoes

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  1. Amen! These hurt my eyes 🙂

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