Fashion Trend ’13: Designer T’s 2.0

August 7, 2013 • Fashion Blog, Trends


Got something to say? Which team are you on? Team Philo or Team Jacobs? There was a time when wearing a designer t-shirt meant the shirt was designed by an actual designer. Now it means the shirt is about a fashion designer and anyone can make them. Who hasn’t seen the now famous “Feline” tee made to look like the famed Celine logo? Meow. Or a tee with a shaded bust of Karl Lagerfeld? Earlier this summer we shared with you the black & white tee trend and last winter it was all about the graphic tee and sweater – these quirky designer tees are what happen when the two collide. Sorta like a Recees. It doesn’t matter which team you are on, as long as it’s team fashion! Earn your fashion street cred with any of these designer tees;

1. Celine Paris Loose T-Shirt, $12.24

2. Dimepiece Too Cool Raglan T-Shirt, $78.06

3. Reason Homies T-Shirt,$59.40

4. Coco Chanel T-shirt, $15

5. Feline Meow Shirt, $16

6. Karl Lagerfeld Karl-print cotton-jersey T-shirt, $90

7. LPD New York Team Philo printed cotton-jersey T-shirt, $85

8. Karl who logo t-shirt, $24,35

9. Saint Laurent initial t-shirt, $360.33

10. Reason Aint Laurent T-Shirt, $59.40

– Lauren Dimet Waters

Image Layout: Laura Burkhardt

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