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August 9, 2013 • Beauty, Fashion, Fashion Blog, Food, Wine & Spirits


This one piqued my interest What Should I Wear to the Office? because it’s by a Japanese Blog Fashionista Sisters and I was curious to see what is considered office appropriate in Japan. Turns out it’s not so different. I mean if you’re 25.

“So, what clothes would be different than the ones that a great number of girls walking the streets of Tokyo wear?” you think to yourself. Read more “What Should I Wear to the Office” here.


These are fighting words. The Best Brownie Ever! by Spanish Blog Hands in the Dough claims to have the secret to the best brownie ever? That’s like claiming you have the ‘World’s Best Coffee’ in NYC (which apparently at least 1,000 coffee ships do. Congratulations!). My secret to the best brownie was taught to me by my mother. Just shave 10 minutes off the baking time. But let’s see what she has to say…

Yes, it’s true, this is the best homemade brownie I have eaten to date. Dense but without breaking, it wasn’t dry, it was moist – just as it should be. Read more, The Best Brownie Ever! here.

If you bake these before I do, please let me know if they are indeed THE BEST!


Sometimes it’s a mere title that grabs my attention. Such was the case with ‘How To Look Better in The Summer’ by Italian Blog Chemically Fashionable. Well, I’m always up for looking better in the summer. What’s left of it!

We take a lot of care of our skin, yet we often forget our hair. It, too, needs protection from salt, sunshine, heat, and chloride. These agents are dehydrating and hairs split, becoming dull and fragile. This must be corrected with ceramide oils and UV filters. To be very safe, the best is to protect our hair with a hat, a bandana or, why not, a turban. Read more How To Look Better in The Summer, here.


I’ll readily admit when it comes to architecture, I’m shallow. I go for the pretty pictures and particularity aerial shots. So the post Lima from Above – How An Aerial View Helps Rediscover a City by Peruvian Blog The Modern Form in Latin America obviously caught my eye. I don’t know much about Peru, but would like to learn more.

While looking through shared photographs on Facebook, I came across a few spectacular aerial photographs of the city of Lima. I checked out their background and discovered that they are from a really interesting project undertook by photographer Evelyn Merino Reyna. Read more, Lima from Above – How An Aerial View Helps Rediscover a City, here.

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– Lauren Dimet Waters

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