Celebrity Style: How Celebs Make…Or Break…Their Looks

August 12, 2013 • Celebrity Style, Magazine



There are plenty of celebrities who wear the newest and best designers and the trendiest styles of the day. But it’s the celebs that can use a key accessory or key piece to make their look who are the true fashionistas in our book. These four stars did just that (or at least tried to do so) and in two specific cases, it didn’t work. Here’s why these four celebrities wore pieces that caught our attention, for better or worse.

MAKE! Lily Collins’ House of Holland Jacket

Style star Lily Collins has on a pretty basic outfit, with a neutral blouse and matching flats. It’s the tie-dye House of Holland jacket that totally makes the entire outfit – and all for the better. It just goes to show that the right piece can totally MAKE an otherwise blah ensemble. Take your cue from Collins – it’s always fun to buy that one colorful piece that adds oomph to any outfit.

BREAK! Gwen Stefani’s Givenchy Cage Booties

Can you say overboard? It’s one thing to wear those perfectly popping print pants and Givenchy cage booties separately, but when worn together, as seen here on Gwen Stefani, it’s just too much. Although one can argue that Stefani was trying to carry the print down into the shoes, those Paige pants should be worn with solid-color platforms so they can shine on their own. The Givenchy cage booties totally break the outfit.

MAKE! Alyssa Milano’s Marissa Webb Pumps

Speaking of oomph, Alyssa Milano’s black jumpsuit has some pizazz in the detailed cutouts, but what really makes this outfit pop are those gorgeous Marissa Webb pumps. It’s always fun to send the fashion world into a tailspin but adding standout pumps to an all-black outfit. This pair certainly makes the MAKE list!

BREAK! Olivia Wilde’s Brown Shoes

How many times have I said not to wear brown with black and white?! OK, it’s possible you may not agree with me on what I call a fashion no-no, but it just feels wrong to me. Black and white is an awesome combination and I don’t feel brown falls into that color category. So “color” me dismayed when I saw Olivia Wilde rocking this striped dress with brown booties. It’s a break for me.

– Simona Kogan

Photos: (left to right) Alyssa Milano, Lily Collins, Olivia Wilde and Gwen Stefani; People.com

Image Layout: Second City Style

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