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August 16, 2013 • Beauty, Fashion, Fashion Blog, Food, Wine & Spirits


Personally I’m so over it, but What’s Your Take on the Feather Trend? That’s the question Italian blog Blonde Suite asks.

Dreams are like feathers; if you catch enough in your lifetime, one day you’ll take off in flight, in the direction of your dreams. Pick up a feather whenever you see one, because it was sent from the sky; the destination that one must long for.

Skirts, tops, dresses; the highly controversial feather trend is back again this year. Read more What’s Your Take on the Feather Trend here.


Er, what? You’ll Never Believe What This Desk Can Do by French blog Blog Esprit Design. Yes. you’ll be scratching your head too!

Metta Karina Johansen, a young female Danish designer presents Pet Desk, a desk playing on the relationship between structure and accessory, between furniture and its user. 

This design allows you to leave your office while keeping everything on your desk in place. It’s like a great big leather pouch. Read more “You’ll Never Believe What This Desk Can Do” here.


It doesn’t get more important than this! Trust me. Who doesn’t want to know? See the Body Lotion Jennifer Aniston Swears By by Spanish blog ObeBlog goes there.

I assume most of you have already heard of the NIP+FAB brand (the less expensive version of the top level RODIAL brand) as lately it’s being mentioned on all the beauty blogs due to its imminent arrival in Spain this coming September (it will be retailed by Juteco and Bodybell). I came across it on the English websites I tend to visit regularly. Read more See the Body Lotion Jennifer Aniston Swears By here.


I’m a sucker for food pictures, no doubt. So when I saw the post This is One of Those Restaurants You’ll Wish Was Near You by Italian blog Fashion for Travel I just had to read it! Good thing because this meal looks amazing!

Cascina Doss is one of those restaurants you wish was near where you live. It’s attractive but informal. You eat well, drink well, and are served very competently in a friendly manner.

But Cascina Doss is in Iseo, within the Torbiere del Sebino nature reserve, a short walk from the lake and a few minutes from the highway. It’s a marvelous spot, an hour or so by car from Verona, and definitely worth the journey. Read more This is One of Those Restaurants You’ll Wish Was Near You here.

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– Lauren Dimet Waters

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