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August 23, 2013 • Beauty, Fashion, Fashion Blog, Food, Wine & Spirits


Funky punk hair is something I used to gawk at, but I’m not used to seeing it anymore. I have to admit I have some admiration for people who can literally hold their head’s up while sporting some of these styles. Charlie Le Mindu’s Punk Couture Hair You’ll Have To See To Believe by French blog Luxsure caught my eye for obvious reasons. The videos are beyond fascinating.

Born in the Aquitaine region of France, Charlie Le Mindu has been obsessed by hair since a very young age and it visibly runs in the family. At age three, Charlie was already playing with his grandmother’s wigs in their family home. He soon took a dive into the world of hair and began working with his grandmother at the salon she owned at the time. A few years later, he left for Bordeaux, where he began working at a punk hair salon and thus started on a road of eccentricity, which quickly became his signature style. Read more Charlie Le Mindu’s Punk Couture Hair You’ll Have To See To Believe here.



Yes please! Lobster and wine? I’ll take two! The post An Exotic Pair – Breton Lobster and Gewurztraminer by French blog, Epicure obviously caught my eye!

For years I have been trying to do what I can to share the joys of exotic and extravagant food pairings with our most exhilarating Gewürztraminers. I’m sure they will constitute the next major regional attraction in terms of diabolical pairings…

This article, like others, is proof that nothing can stand in the way of this grape variety, not even a Breton lobster, especially not one backed by determination and an exotic Julien Binz sauce recipe. Read more An Exotic Pair – Breton Lobster and Gewurztraminer, here.


A place to call my own. A vanity? It’s the ultimate girly escape. I can’t wait to move so I can have my own so I have been taking notes. I love looking at vanities and so will you in The Most Beautiful Vanities You’ve Ever Seen by Spanish blog ObeBlog.

Every fashionista dreams of having her own little corner devoted to making herself beautiful. Fortunately, my dream came true and I have my own vanity. For those of you who are still dreaming, I’ve included a collection of beautiful vanities for inspiration. Read more The Most Beautiful Vanities You’ve Ever Seen here.


Nougat? It’s really used in something besides a candy bar? Well I’ll be darned. This recipe for Prawn Salad with Nougat Dressing
by Italian blog Gastronomistico, looks good enough to eat! So I will have to give it a try.

Once again, we present a recipe for a salad that you will love. This time the nougat dressing is what gives it its personality and character, along with breaded prawns that will give this dish that touch of authenticity and elegance, which will surprise your family, friends, guests, or clients. Read more Prawn Salad with Nougat Dressing here.

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– Lauren Dimet Waters

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