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I had to read 10 Items of Clothing Every Man Should Have in His Closet By French Blog Bw-Yw out of idle curiosity. Does my husband have all of these? Besides a picture of Don Draper always makes me stop dead in my tracks.

Fall is just around the corner. Like most people you’ve probably made some resolutions for the new school year and you’ve decided to renew your wardrobe step by step.

However, men have a tendency to get lost when faced with so many choices; we don’t always know where to begin when we want to revamp our wardrobe.

First piece of advice: clean out your closet.

Here are the ten pieces of clothing that must be in every man’s closet! Read more 10 Items of Clothing Every Man Should Have in His Closet here.


How could I not read Can Wine Improve Your Sex Life? by Italian Blog Paths of Wine? I need to make sure I am getting all the benefits from my wine drinking!

Wine and Eros have been known as the “perverse pair” since antiquity. It was this drink in ancient Babylon that was imbibed during public ceremonies and in temples — where drunken men joined the priestesses of Ishtar, the goddess of love. Kings and dignitaries were the first to satisfy their desires, then wine was distributed to the populace, and the celebration became a collective orgy.

Hippocrates claimed that wine was synonymous with civilization and good health (including sexuality), mentioning the widely-held opinion that it is this drink, and not water, that is more fitting for civilized humanity. Read more Can Wine Improve Your Sex Life? here.



File this one under “Kinda Gross, Kinda Cool.” In the post 12 Courses: 1 Can by French Blog The Analytics of Food, one can containing 12 dishes is explored. Actually, it’s rather genius if you don’t care what your food looks like. This one you must read to believe! The dishes actually sound good, even if they don’t look so…

As he was studying at Kingston University in London, Chris Godfrey imagined the ‘All In One’, a tin can in which we could find twelve dishes lying on top of each other. This jelly tower was designed against the growing trends of the ‘all-in-one’ type brands and the 50% discount products (a discount at the expense of quality). 

To create these sedimentary cans, Godfrey not only stacked the basics of the kitchen into a tin can; he imagined an entire menu. It’s composed of the following food layers: Read more 12 Courses: 1 Can here.


Seriously cute! Italian blog Tenditrendy finds an iPhone cover I wouldn’t mind having in the post Tres Chic! An IPhone Case in the Shape of a Handbag.

The site is Maiworld (in Italian) and if, like me, you love to collect iPhone cases, then this is the place for you.

Accessories for the Rabito smartphone, Oblige Tribe, include USB pen sticks with many characters featured, such as The Simpsons and Hello Kitty. Read more Tres Chic! An IPhone Case in the Shape of a Handbag here.

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– Lauren Dimet Waters

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