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September 4, 2013 • Events, Fashion, Fashion Blog

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I have so much else on my mind this New York Fashion Week that I am completely overwhelmed and unprepared. The September shows always sneak up on me, but this year is worse than most. We have covered NYFW for going on 14 seasons, so when it comes to packing my bag, I’m now a pro. What I totally forgot about was my wardrobe. So against everything I stand for, this season I am going to have to wing it.

So what’s in my bag? Glad you asked. Mind you, I have about 3 bags I rotate through but rest assured, they are all BIG and they will always contain the below;

iPad Mini – This will be the first season I take it with me, so I have no idea if it will be useful. I can tell you after lugging my iPad I around several years ago I learned to live without it since it weighed a ton!

iPhone – I know this will be the most important tool I use all week (besides my regular camera not pictured since I used it to take the picture above). I am constantly checking my emails, Tweeting, Instagraming and texting SCS editors throughout the day. So I drain my battery in record time. So this year I have…

New Trent iCarrier High Capacity Dual USB Portable Power Pack – Since my iPhone battery usually drains within hours and it’s nearly impossible to find an available outlet I needed something dependable. So I asked my brother (who is a super geek) what device is the best and he recommended this one. It charges iPhones, iPads and most Smartphones rapidly and holds it’s own charge for FOREVER. Just what I need. In fact, every editor covering the shows for Second City Style is getting one too!

Jimmy Choo Card holder & business cards – I go through a ton of business cards during Fashion Week.

Tide Stain Stick – I have two boys and zero tolerance for stains. I also have the uncanny ability to spill absolutely everything on myself, so I always come prepared.

Trident Layers – Not only am I hooked on this gum, it usually serves as lunch. Who has time to eat?

L’Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream – Since I’m always using hand sanitizer (not shown, but trust me it will be in my bag) my hands and cuticles become a real mess. This hand cream is a life saver.

Dermalogica Multi-Active Toner – My entire skincare regimen is Dermalogica. I’m an addict. I carry the travel size of this toner wherever I go to rehydrate and refresh my skin. The air in the tents is just deadly.

Contact Lens Case – I always carry an extra set of contact lenses with me during Fashion Week. My eyes get dry and bug out every season so I have learned to have another pair of contacts in solution ready to go. I can just switch back and forth. I will NOT be seen in any glasses other than my sunglasses!

Yes to Blueberries Eye Firming Treatment – Fashion Week zaps the hell out of you. In fact I swear I age significantly in that week. So I have come to love this eye treatment because it makes my eyes feel better instantly and doesn’t mess with my makeup.

Christian Louboutin Smoking Slippers – I know I am probably the only person who would go to a Christian Louboutin sample sale and walk out with flat loafers, but whatever. I love these. In fact, I have been purposely refraining from wearing them so they would not look trashed for Fashion Week. They are chic and comfortable which is a must for running around NYC. How those women in 4 inch heels do it is beyond me.

New York Fashion Week Spring ’14 begins tomorrow so be sure to follow our escapades (me, Carol, Alia & Taneisha) on Twitter and Instagram.

– Lauren Dimet Waters


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