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British Vogue July

A spread from British Vogue

British Vogue Set to Educate Children

Alexandra Shulman, editor of British Vogue, has launched a program for children to help them understand the process of creating a magazine editorial. This is a part of the ongoing Health Initiative launched by Vogue last year. “As Editor of Vogue, I am frequently asked about the influence and messages the images in the magazine send to our readers about body image,” said Shulman in a statement. “Our mission in Vogue’s fashion pictures is to inspire and entertain while showing the clothes created by many highly talented designers. They are created with this intention in mind, not to represent reality. The problem, if there is a problem, comes when people judge themselves and their appearance against the models they see on the pages of a magazine and then feel that in some way they fall short.”

Temperley London Names New CEO

Ulrik Garde Due has been named the new CEO of Temperley London. In a statement, Garde Due said he accepted the job because of the potential for growth. Temperley relaunched its website in July, and sales are growing 100 percent every month. In addition, Temperley’s Notting Hill headquarters in London are undergoing renovations and will reopen in October. The brand has three lines: Temperley London, Alice By Temperley, and Somerset. Temperley London will show on September 15 during London Fashion Week.

Ralph Lauren Opens Shoe Salon

Ralph Lauren has your man’s footwear needs covered. The designer is opening his first men’s shoe salon this week at the Rhinelander Mansion flagship at 867 Madison Avenue in NYC. The store will carry Ralph Lauren footwear, Ralph Lauren Purple Label footwear, and Ralph Lauren made-to-order footwear. Located on the first floor of the store, the space features carved moldings and equestrian artwork.

-Claire Mykrantz

Source: WWD & WSJ

Image: WWD

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