Technology Meets Fashion: My Wish List

September 7, 2013 • Editorial, Fashion, Fashion Blog


Lately I keep hearing how technology is meshing (or messing) with fashion. Nina Garcia is wearing Google Glass, there are handbags that can charge your smartphone, Tim Gunn wears a Nike FuelBand and I heard they are developing a car in China that will drive itself. Will we send off our loved ones, saying “Bye Bye, enjoy your drive, sleep tight!”?

These inventions make me wonder if I will see high tech fashion on the runways at New York Fashion Week this season. And it made me ponder about a few things I wish to see from designers.


Speaking of fashion week, where comfortable shoes are a must, the first thing I would like to see invented is a shoe that can adjust automatically to the heel height and comfort level that you need at any given moment. For example, while standing and posing, your heels would be their highest, but for walking to the subway, the heel would automatically lower so you could walk faster, or run, as needed.


And now that I mentioned the subway, I think a pair of security trousers are in order. The pockets can have zippers that lock with a computerized security code so no one can pick your pockets. You can unlock the zippers on your smart phone. Just as long as you don’t know any hackers or practical jokers who can lock the front zipper.


I would love to have a temperature controlled jacket that would automatically adjust to keep you 20 degrees warmer or cooler, as needed. There would be no more freezing in an air conditioned building, nor sweating on a subway platform.


And last of all, I would like a mood enhancing hat that would transmit positive thoughts by stimulating the right areas of the brain. It would make a fabulous gift! And of course, the hat and all of these items simply have to be stylish.

– Carol Calacci

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  1. Kathy Selcke says:

    I loved your article about tech and fashion Carol–very creative but real!

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