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September 12, 2013 • Fashion Blog, Fashion News

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Matthew Williamson Launches New Site

The fashion designer’s website has gotten a makeover! It will feature five news stories per week under the tab MW Daily, where the designer will include sections on favorite items from the line, key pieces from the season and more. “The day has come when you can create your own voice, your own press, and not have to rely on reacting to the press,” said Williamson. “And it’s a way for customers to learn about the brand — even if they’re not shopping.” Check out the cool, new site for yourself!

Tina Brown is Leaving the Daily Beast

The founder of the popular website is leaving behind the fort she built. Brown, who created the site in 2008, is leaving to start a new conference business called Tina Brown Live Media that will be devoted to summits, salons and news debates. The Daily Beast, which merged with Newsweek in 2010 and was later sold to the International Business Times, is suspected to be the next big thing.

Robert R. Taylor, Beauty Entrepreneur Dies

The fashion icon responsible for the modern Calvin Klein fragrance business, Robert R. Taylor, died in Newport Beach, CA after a battle with cancer. He was 77. A native of Baltimore, he began his career at Johnson and Johnson and worked his way up the ranks, forming a marketing agency and helping to launch a slew of beauty and health products, like Softsoap.  When he reached Calvin Klein, the firm became one of the first to use powerful, mass promotional tools, like TV advertising and scented strips in magazines, for the Obsession fragrance. He leaves behind a wife, daughter and a host of grandchildren, and his funeral will be Indian Wells, CA on Nov. 24.

-Najja Parker

Source: WWD

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