Chicago Event: Illamasqua Launch at Bloomingdale’s

September 16, 2013 • Beauty, Chicago, Events, Fashion Blog

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Julian’s picks for fall

Julian Kynaston, the founder of the British beauty brand Illamasqua, is the perfect example of believing in your dreams. After launching his brand in November 2008, industry experts told Kynaston he was crazy because the market was impenetrable. Contrary to what insiders said, Illamasqua quickly acquired a cult following because of its fresh and realistic take on the beauty industry. Kynaston’s motives are incredibly pure; he does not want to make money or gain status. He built his brand purely to inspire women and men of all ages to explore their own self-expression through make-up. He doesn’t follow trends season to season, but does encourage his fans to occasionally have an “Illamasqua alter-ego” and have fun with his products, which are long-lasting and color-intense.

When I asked Kynaston the secret to his success, he said he simply used the basic principles of marketing. The brand never gave celebrities free products or even advertised- the quality of Illamasqua’s products spoke for themselves and word in the beauty industry started spreading. The brand is also very involved in charity work and is collaborating with the S.O.P.H.I.E. Lancaster Foundation to support equality for all.


Now available at select Bloomingdales and at

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How cool is Julian’s makeup?

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I love this artist’s face paint & makeup!

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So many colorful options!

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I got to try some gorgeous makeup

-Claire Mykrantz

Photos by Second City Style

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