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September 27, 2013 • Fashion, Fashion Blog, Food, Wine & Spirits


I normally don’t care for street style posts, but during Fashion Week (especially when that fashion week is in Paris, Milan or London) I will find myself looking at them. Fashion shows usually bring out the best of the best and the complete freak shows. Either way, it’s fun to gawk from the privacy of your own computer. Needless to say the post Street Style Fashion at Milan Fashion Week (September 2013), by Blonde Suite was a must-see for me.

Here are some of the faces and icons that you would have seen if you had been here with us in Milan, as photographed by Angela Buono. Read more Street Style Fashion at Milan Fashion Week (September 2013) here.


One of my favorite Greek dishes is Moussaka, but it is so unhealthy that I rarely make it anymore. When I went to Greece a hundred years ago I obviously ate the best, but replicating it made me realize just how fattening it was. So leave it to a Spanish blogger Hands in the Dough to bring us My Healthy Moussaka Recipe. So it may not look like the real deal, it still looks good enough to eat! Get the recipe at My Healthy Moussaka Recipe here.

Excuse me, say what? Spanx like undergarments that are micro-encapsulated in the tissue with caffeine, Retinol and other ingredients to help to reduce and refirm? Are you freaking serious and WHERE can I get these? In the post Adipotex Leggings Reductor by Spanish blog ObeBlog these things were tested. Did they work? Read Adipotex Leggings Reductor here.


With the week I’ve had I need a bottle, OK several bottles of wine! Stress is an understatement. In my current state of mind the post Tasting the Wines of the World by Argentinian blog Wine Mdq spoke to me. Now I want to drink them all! Right now!

After our WineMDQ Tasting we’re going back to the rhythm of our articles and tastings, little by little and now it’s the turn of an article about wines from different parts of the world. 

The idea for this tasting came up in the WineMDQ Tasting, at the table of our group.

After talking about different trips we had done, we realized that it was a good opportunity to taste the wines that each of us brought. It was an excellent excuse to get together. Read more Tasting the Wines of the World here.

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– Lauren Dimet Waters

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