Fall ’13 Fashion Trend: The Camo Top (Sweaters & Sweatshirts)

October 3, 2013 • Fashion Blog, Trends

Sometimes I do one of these trend posts based on a current fixation of mine. There is something I really want and I am taking you all along on my hunt. Case in point? The camo top. I saw a gorgeous Equipment camo sweater last week, but it was an extra small (not my size) and it seems it’s sold out everywhere! So now I’m looking for either a sweater or and/or a sweatshirt. A camo thermal could be a contender too. I just don’t want a shirt. Just something easy I can throw on with jeans or my new favorite leather leggings and boots.Yesterday I was Facebook chatting and then emailing with an old friend of mine from my camp days. We were two of just a handful of Americans at a Canadian summer camp when we were 13 and bonded over our similar dress styles. We became insepratable that summer. Fast forward a bunch of years and it turns out we still have the same tastes in clothes! She just bought a camo thermal from Free People that she loves. I may just get that same top, but let’s see what else I found. Remember to click on the image in the slide show above to see where exactly I found the item.- Lauren Dimet Waters
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