Project Runway, Season 12 Episode 12: Butterfly Effect. Memorable Quotes From Last Night’s Episode

October 4, 2013 • Fashion Blog, Television


There are five designers left, and this week determines who goes to New York Fashion Week! The designers take a field trip to Sweetbriar Nature Center on Long Island and visit the butterfly house.


Billy B, L’Oreal consulting makeup artist, joins Tim Gunn in introducing the Luminous Butterfly Mascara. The creations from this challenge will be avant garde and the makeup will be important in the runway show because this is the L’Oreal makeup challenge. The designers sketch in the butterfly house and head to mood, where they have a budget of $500 each.

During the first workday, Bradon spends a ton of time creating small details for his look and by the end of the day, he still doesn’t know what his garment will look like, let alone the silhouette!

The next day, the designers have their makeup consultation and as a surprise, Tom Bachik, L’Oreal’s global nail expert, will be doing manicure consultations for the runway show.

Helen has a small meltdown because she’s scared of going home. The next day, the designers find all the losing looks from the season in the workroom. Tim announces that today is not a runway day and the judges have added an additional challenge for this week. For the first time in Project Runway history, two challenges will walk the runway! The second challenge is the “make it work” challenge and involves creating a new look using an eliminated designer’s garment.

Dom won the last challenge, so she chooses a losing look first. The button bag determines the order the designers will choose the looks they will make over. Justin picks last and gets emotional when he thinks about his past elimination. He picks the dress that initially sent him home. A little later, Alexandria has an emotional moment and skypes her friends at Camp Couture, where she teaches girls how to sew.


Judges Nina Garcia, Zac Posen, Heidi Klum and Emmy Rossum

Actress and singer Emmy Rossum is this week’s guest judge. After the runway show, Heidi announces this is one of the best final runway shows ever. The judges have some tough decisions to make! Each designer gets praise, with some on a higher level than others.

Bradon is declared the winner of this challenge, so he will be showing at Fashion Week and Dom is also informed she will move on as well! Now it’s down to Alexandria, Justin, and Helen. Heidi announces they will all be creating collections, but this doesn’t mean they will all be competing at Fashion Week. They must battle it out and wow the judges for the third spot! Who do you think will have the best collection?


Braden, “You are the winner of this challenge – and will be showing at New York Fashion Week!”


Dom, “You will be showing at New York Fashion Week!”


Alexandria’s Designs


Helen’s Designs


Justin’s Designs

Memorable Quotes:

“That sausage is dangling right in front of your nose right now! Or is it a carrot?” –Heidi

“Be inspired and have fun!” –Billy B

“I’m going to ask the fashion genie to plant a seed in my head.” –Bradon

“Come to, come to right now!” –Tim

“It was the swift kick in the ass I needed!” –Helen

“It’s like an alien shopping bag.” –Helen

“I was worried it would be too Priscilla, queen of the desert.” –Bradon

“The feeling of dread is just building up!” –Dom

“She looks fierce and it’s not soccer-mom.” –Dom

“That ain’t no poopy pant!” –Bradon

“Simplicity is next to godliness.” –Zac

“It reminds me of a carrot in the grater.” –Zac

“It looks like a pumpkin fest!” –Nina

“I went gaga for it… and I think Gaga would wear it!” –Zac

“I want to wear this coat…we might have to fight over it!” –Emmy & Heidi

“I’m rapturous about the look!” –Tim

“The whole notion of coming in here and telling one of you to clean up your space… well I was ready to jump in front of a bus outside first!” –Tim

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– Claire Mykrantz

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