Chicago Events. The Ultimate Fashion Face-Off With Maria Pinto’s New M2057 Collection

October 11, 2013 • Chicago, Designers, Events, Fashion Blog


This week marked one of the chicest showdowns this city has seen in sometime. Author and style expert Amy Tara Koch teamed up with Editor in Chief of Sun-Times Splash, Susanna Negovan to style, support and spread the word of local legend Maria Pinto’s new capsule collection, M2057. M2057 by Maria Pinto is a new line of beautiful, versatile, affordable womenswear inspired by urban architecture and design which is currently available for pre-order on the crowdfunding website.

The simple jersey pieces of M2057 by Maria Pinto are versatile, comfortable, and universally flattering.

The simple jersey pieces of M2057 by Maria Pinto are versatile, comfortable, and universally flattering.

To get the word out about the chic new line, Koch and Negovan asked other notable Chicago fashion forces to participate in a little friendly competition and create a look from Pinto’s new collection, styled specifically from their own unique tastes and showcased at Sunda. The stylists included shoe designer Brian Atwood’s mother, Dusty Stemer, curator for the Museum of Contemporary Art Naomi Beckwith, EDropOff’s Corri McFadden, Laura Kofoid of the uber-chic handbag line, Laudi Vidni, and Lindsay Segal of the upscale consignment service, Luxury Garage Sale.

Each look began with a minimal and elegant piece from the M2057 line, and then was personalized with everything from piles of accessories to statement outerwear. Once each stylist presented their vision for the challenge, Sunda owner Billy Dec j0ined Koch and Negovan for a judging that turned out to be up to the audience! By a show of applause. In the end, Corri McFadden took home the bragging rights with a sleek navy and black ensemble. Following the competition, guests were encouraged to check out the versatile, ultra-flattering jersey pieces and support an amazing local designer and Chicago fashion!

For more information and to shop m2057 by Maria Pinto, visit

Amy Tara Koch (left) presents Corri McFadden's winning look int he Fashion Faceoff

Amy Tara Koch (left) presents Corri McFadden’s winning look int he Fashion Face-Off

Designer Maria Pinto thanks  guests at her Fashion Faceoff M2057 event with Suntimes Splash editor, Susanna Negovan

Designer Maria Pinto explains the M2057 collection at her Fashion Face-Off event with Sun-Times Splash editor, Susanna Negovan

-Alia Rajput

Photos: Second City Style


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