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October 11, 2013 • Fashion, Fashion Blog, Food, Wine & Spirits

“Talk to me Harry Winston, tell me all about it.” I know I’m no longer just an engaged woman, but who can resist looking at diamonds or dream about an upgrade? The post (Harry Winston Engagement Ring) Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend by French blog Luxsure explores Harry Winston’s new Ultimate Bridal collection and is making me wish I was about to become a bride. These customized one-of-a-kind engagement rings are certainly worth it and I can’t help but gawk at them.

I clicked the post Colonel Sanders Goes on a Diet by French blog The Analytics of Food, because the title was catchy but immediately I was thinking, “Oh great, another one of those stories on how fast food joints are trying to go light.” We all know that American’s love their fast food, now here’s what that side of the world has to say about it. I was pleasantly surprised to see it wasn’t about that at all, but in actuality it was about fast food logos interpreted in a new way. Adel Banfeel, a graphic designer from Saudi Arabia, recently went on a diner, prompting himself to look at fast food chain logos in a whole new way. Scary, huh? Well, we do have to fit into our designer skirts now don’t we?

I’m happy to hear that despite the annoying  government shutdown, tourists are still able to visit Pearl Harbor. In the post A Japanese Tourist Visits Pearl Harbor Despite Gov’t Shutdown, this Japanese tourist, who wrote about her activities in her blog My Life and Travels with Cat Kenta, was fortunate enough to be able to visit Pearl Harbor, despite the warning that locations are “operational on a skeleton basis.” Tourists are free to walk the area of Battleship Arizona but were not allowed to go to the Arizona Memorial. I’m interested in having a conversation with this blogger and seeing what she thinks about the area and about Americans in general.

Webflakes has new features every week in each category and in the wine area, a wine blogger from France named Eric Bernardin took it upon himself to write a blogger editorial about a really interesting subject — Five Ways to Pair Wine & Food Successfully. I thought I knew how to pair my wine with food, but he had some interesting choices, aside from the well-recognized Oysters and Muscat pairing. For example, I learned that the texture of the wine and the dish is more important than the color of the wine or the nature of the dish. Go figure! In other words, don’t serve your “rustic” dish with a velvety wine — the taste of the wine will disappear completely!

The merry-go-round of designers in fashion — in at one and out at the other. Obviously, when corporations get into the picture, things can get ugly — such is the case with John Galliano who was kicked out at Dior and who doesn’t even lend himself to his own self-named brand except for his name. And then there’s the case of Nicolas Ghesquière who was replaced by Alexander Wang at Balenciaga. Soon after, Marc Jacobs decided to part ways with Louis Vuitton. Who knows what this will mean for the Vuitton brand, but I thought it was interesting when I started reading reports that Ghesquière could take over. The post Would Nicolas Ghesquière Usher in a New Era at Louis Vuitton? by French blog SOBLACKTIE only adds fuel to the fire.

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