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October 18, 2013 • Fashion, Fashion Blog, Food, Wine & Spirits


Hundreds of Dior gowns and photos by Patrick Demarchelier? I’m so booking a flight to Shanghai to see this exhibit. Until then the post The Most Beautiful Pictures from the Espirit Dior Exhibition at the MOCA in Shanghai by Italian blog TendiTrendy will have to do. The photos alone will make you want to jump on the next flight too!

Esprit Dior is the essence of visionary fashion designer Christian Dior, the man who changed the rules of elegance all over the world forever. The man who shaped the history of fashion houses, whose designs are rooted in the deepest French tradition: to make women more beautiful and elegant, but above all happy. Read more The Most Beautiful Pictures from the Espirit Dior Exhibition at the MOCA in Shanghai here.

Reblochon-bacon tarte. YUM

Reblochon-bacon tarte. YUM

My mother likens herself a Francofile. She and my father have been making an annual pilgrimage to France for the past 30+ years, so I like to one-up her when I can by my knowledge of Michelin starred restaurants in France which I will probably never try, but can only dream of one day enjoying. A Michelin-Starred Chef’s Secret Hideway Bistro: Savoyard Annexes by French blog Epicure was a must-read.

My client-friends have known for a while that when I want to be sure to make (myself) happy and at a reasonable cost, I often suggest getting a table in the (good) annexes of Michelin-starred restaurants. By annex, I mean the second address of star chefs, where, with or without their name attached, they return to their first loves, to more than prominence and to their roots in the pleasure of cooking and feeding their fellow humans. Read more A Michelin-Starred Chef’s Secret Hideway Bistro: Savoyard Annexes, here.



I’m a sucker for fashion exhibits and fashion photographer exhibits, obvi. So when I saw the post Les Métiers d’Art: Exhibiting French Fashion, Photography and More by French blog SOBLACKTIE I had to read on.

La Vallée Village’s very comprehensive exhibit, with surprisingly scenic decor, videos of the designers’ workshops and presentations of unique products, allows visitors to immerse themselves in the creative universe of three artists: Janaïna Milheiro, Christine Phung and Clotilde Toussaint. This exhibit will have a schedule for meetings with the three young ladies, access to their exchange with the public and professional demonstrations and explanations. Read more Les Métiers d’Art: Exhibiting French Fashion, Photography and More here.


I’m so sick of looking at houses. It’s all I’ve been doing for the past few months. Apparently, however, I’m not as sick of looking at beach houses since the one featured in the post The Unconventional Beach House by Peruvian blog The Modern Form in Latin America caught my eye. It’s the strangest looking beach house I think I have ever seen. It’s located near Lima and was built in 2004 by architect Javier Artadi.

This project consists of a small house located on a beach a hundred miles south of Lima. The architecture explores the expansion beyond the conventional uses of a beach house. To this end a bounding box was created: a complete space integrates the living room with the patio, which was designed as a diverse set of elements (such as fixed furniture of both traditional and non-traditional forms) that permit many different uses of the space. Read more The Unconventional Beach House here.

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