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November 1, 2013 • Fashion, Fashion Blog, Food, Wine & Spirits


The nail art obsession shows no signs of slowing down and while I know this one is a day late and a dollar short, I still like it. In the post Nailvasion Halloween Special: The Art of Nail Dipping by French blog Jeans & Stilettos nail dipping is examined and it’s freaky, but cool. Read Nailvasion Halloween Special: The Art of Nail Dipping here.



The post Halloween-Themed Wine Labels by Spanish blog Wine Mdq seemed fitting for my favorite holiday. You’ll be amazed at how many there are! Very freaky and very cool. Of course they are all American wines, but whatever. Read Halloween-Themed Wine Labels here.


Nope. That’s not a candy or cake, it’s a bag! Check out the post Like Candy: Charlotte Olympia’s Gummy Bear Clutches by Italian blog  Tenditrendy. The bags are yummy!


Where was this post last week? Japanese blog Aki’s Cooking Pleasures brings us 3D Halloween Sushi for Your Party. OK, so there is no chance I could ever attempt to make this so the pictures will have to do, but pretty pictures they are. Read 3D Halloween Sushi for Your Party here.


Well this was bound to happen I suppose. According to the post Hashtag It! Sol Wave House: #TheFirstTweetHotel is Born
by Spanish blog The Girl with Bangs takes through yes, the first Twitter hotel has opened in Mallorca, Spain. What does Sol Wave House have to offer? Well how about a Twitter Concierge for starters. Someone to cater to your every Twitter whim. Read Hashtag It! Sol Wave House: #TheFirstTweetHotel is Born here.

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