Celebrity Style: What Jennifer Lawrence Can Teach Us About Fashion

November 25, 2013 • Celebrity Style, Magazine


Here’s the thing. Actress Jennifer Lawrence is so humble that you can see she really doesn’t care about her clothes. Ironically, that makes her wear them even better – so much so that she is currently the face of Dior and wears Raf Simons’ beautiful couture creations to almost all her events. Her wardrobe is daring and pretty – but not over the top. In fact, I was surprised when she wore that strange bodysuit with the sheer overlay at a recent event, because it was so out of character for the Hunger Games star.  She’s usually so age-appropriate, down to her stylish new pixie cut.

She may be just 23 years old, but  Jennifer Lawrence can still teach women older than her what it means to dress appropriately without dressing frumpy. That means the world will go on, even if you don’t flaunt your cleavage or wear a skirt that it too tight.

“Sex sells, and for some disgusting reason, young sex sells even more,” she has said. Yet the Catching Fire actress has gone out of her way to prove that dressing appropriately and stylishly sells even more. Of course, her cheeky personality doesn’t hurt either.

Here are some things Jennifer Lawrence can teach us about fashion:

A Bit of Skin Never Hurt Anyone 

That is, if the skin is showing in the right place. This suggestion doesn’t give you free reign to start sticking out your chest. Jennifer Lawrence certainly doesn’t. But if she’s going to show off her skin, she’ll make sure to do it appropriately, showing off her finely toned legs in that bodysuit with overlay or a small sliver of stomach in that blue Alexander McQueen crop top and matching pencil skirt. Mystery is sexier than over-the-top sex.

High Necked and Boxy Doesn’t Mean Frumpy 

The high neck Dior dress recently worn to a Hunger Games premiere is to die for! Mainly it’s because the dress is stunning and Jennifer Lawrence decided to forgo a cleavage-baring front in order to showcase a beautiful dipping back. The embroidery is eye-catching enough, proving that sex isn’t really the only thing that sells. And the open back and cape-inspired draping is bold and beautiful enough to leave us wanting more. Draping doesn’t mean frumpy, after all.

Embellishments Are Just as Eye Catching as Cleavage

More on the embellishments side – since the whizzes at Dior seem to be pros at it. Jennifer Lawrence is the perfect representative for the trend that trades sexy for stylish. Stylish, in this case, means concentrating on the creative aspects of the clothes and not the skin. Embellishments and other fashion enhancements get us looking at the dress and her feminine silhouette rather than merely her body. In the case of this dress, even a tiny embellishment goes a long way.

When in Doubt Go For Classic Black and White 

Ahh, the timeless black and white trend. Always stylish. Always trendy. Always age appropriate. Jennifer Lawrence does it well in her strapless and proves that it can be done in a number of ways – with the beautiful Dior gown here and that fun and playful black and white print crop top there. The fashion chameleon wore the top with a white skirt and pretty lace heels.

– Simona Kogan

Photos: A Bit of Skin, High Neck, Classic Black and White, People.com; Embellishments, @RealTVFilms

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