Project Runway All Stars, Season 3 Episode 6: Marge Madness. Memorable Quotes From Last Night’s Episode

December 6, 2013 • Fashion Blog, Television


In celebration of 25 years as the matriarch of America’s number one television family, Marge Simpson has asked the designers to create her a dress for a date with Homer. In a funny video, she requests the dress to be easy to remove for post-dinner “snuggling” and she doesn’t want it to be green, which everyone knows is her usual dress color. The winning design will be animated and worn by Marge on a future episode of The Simpsons!

Later in the workroom, there is some drama between Christopher and Viktor, but they work it out. Most of the designers fully understand this week’s challenge, but some are a little lost. Seth Aaron attempts to make another dress two hours before the runway! Others struggled to imagine their dresses animated and on Marge Simpson.

Project_Runway_All_Stars_3_ep6_Guest Judges Anthony Ryan Auld, Stacey Bendet and Abigail Breslin

Anthony Ryan Auld, Stacey Bendet and Abigail Breslin

Sitting in for Georgina Chapman on the judging panel is season 2 winner Anthony Ryan Auld. This week’s guest judges are actress Abigail Breslin and Alice + Olivia designer Stacey Bendet. After the show, Viktor is declared safe. Irina, Korto, and Elena received the high scores of the week, while Jeffrey, Seth Aaron, and Christopher had the low scores. The winner whose dress will be the talk of Springfield is… Irina! This is her first challenge win and she definitely deserved it, as her dress was gorgeous. The losing designer will either be one of the previous season winners, Seth Aaron or Jeffrey. Sadly, Jeffrey is going home. Seth Aaron is sad to see him go and ends up getting emotional.

Keep an eye out for Marge wearing Irina’s dress on an upcoming Simpson’s episode!


Irina, “You are the winner of this challenge!”








Seth Aaron


Jeffrey, “You are out!”

Memorable Quotes:

“When I go out to dinner with my husband, I like to get a little something-something when we get back to the house!” –Korto

“When you mess up, just say dope!” –Viktor

“Stretch is your friend.” –Korto

“She’s gonna look like a Rubik’s cube!” –Zana

“You’ve gotta show your moneymaker a little bit!” –Korto

“She doesn’t need a bulletproof vest and a red carpet gown.” –Christopher

“Now it’s a humongous nightie!” –Jeffrey

“I know Marge and she would rise to the occasion.” –Isaac

“Her butt in that dress looks so wrong to me!” –Isaac

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-Claire Mykrantz

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