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Kate's Dress (2)

Kate Middleton Dares to Wear a Dress Three Times

Although last week, actress Keira Knightley dared to wear an absolutely stunning, versatile Chanel wedding dress for the third time, it was no big deal compared to the news that Kate Middleton did the exact same. Recently there was a stir of commotion among media surrounding the news. The lovely black and cream Temperley London dress was apparently an unforgettable piece because according to Us Weekly’s recollection, Kate has previously wore the gown in January 2012, to a War Horse premiere, and in November of the same year to a St. Andrew’s University event.

Despite the fact that most of us would most definitely make several cameo appearances in such a dress, it’s thought among others that a person of Kate Middleton’s caliber would never repeat a gown to multiple events.

Wealthy Go Frugal This Holiday Season In The Midst of Uneven U.S. Recovery

With uncertainties about the U.S. economy and market shares consistently going up and down, no one seems to be confident in spending frivolously for the holiday season. Many people are more in the spirit of just enjoying the holidays with family and friends, and saving their extra bucks for the future. Surprisingly it’s just not low-income consumers who are pulling back on spending, but the wealthy are watching their dollars too. It’s apparent that everyone seems to be concerned about their future personal prospects and the economy at large.

With memories of the 2008 financial crash still fresh in the minds of many, some wealthy shoppers are questioning whether stock market gains to record highs are sustainable, and cite conflicting reports about the economy.

During a season when retailers expected to see high sales and revenues, unfortunately most have come short of expected projections. Coach Inc. has said customers plan to spend less on gifts this year and they have noticed that mall traffic has fallen sharply within the last month. Analysts predict Nordstrom Inc.’s fourth-quarter sales may grow less than half the year-ago pace of 6.1 percent. Tiffany & Co.’s third-quarter comparable sales in the Americas were barely higher. Even before Black Friday, Saks Inc., Neiman Marcus Group Inc. and Nordstrom offered 40 percent off on many brands.

It would seem retailers can no longer depend on the wealthy’s dollars to keep them afloat. Women more than ever before are mixing the most expensive designer goods with less costly alternatives. Big spenders have moved away from trendy items and in-your-face logos, and instead are looking for small brands no one has heard of, the kinds curated by Barneys New York Inc. This is definitely a disappointment to many retailers. If sales do pick up this holiday season, retailers will be able to work through the pileup of merchandise, but if not, chains may be forced to unload it at profit-pinching discounts.

Kohl’s is named a Top retailer by National Study

Congratulations Kohl’s! The retailer has been named one of the top fashion retailers in an annual study released Tuesday by consulting firm Market Force Information. Menomonee Falls-based Kohl’s came in second to Nordstrom for favorite retailer in a survey of nearly 7,000 shoppers. Kohl’s received the most votes in the survey, but Market Force ranked it second when adjusting for the number of stores each retailer has.

According to Market Force, Kohl’s was the retailer that the most respondents had tried for the first time over the past 90 days, displacing the previous winner in that category, H&M. It also ranked first for its loyalty program, second for its return policy and fifth for value. It was the most frequently visited store for casual, business and children’s clothing.

-Keyera Simmons

Source: NYMag,Bloomberg,The Business Journal

Photo: NYMag

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