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December 13, 2013 • Fashion, Fashion Blog, Food, Wine & Spirits


Glamour magazine is also getting a much needed makeover in Italy. The Italian blog Blonde Suite explores these changes in their post, The New Glamour.


Um, can you think of a more perfect Christmas morning breakfast than Red Velvet Pancakes? I mean besides my familial tradition of Eggs Benedict. I may have to change it this year! Spanish Blog Hands in the Dough has the recipe in their post These Red Velvet Pancakes Will Wake You Up. Santa may stay for these!


Der! Of course Santa exists! Who doesn’t believe? I’m Jewish and I believe! Italian blog Travel & Delight thinks about where they would want to go if gifted a vacation in post Santa Claus Exists! Where would you go? Me? Somewhere warm with a beach – like Bali. I don’t need snow…


One of my favorite things in life is foie gras, but I rarely have it anymore because for one, it’s really expensive, two, it’s not very healthy and three, it’s cruel – but I still love it. The first time I ever had it was in Israel when I was 15, and it changed my life. So when I saw this blog article called How to Pair Wine with Foie Gras by French blog Sommelier Vins I had to read it. Pairing the two isn’t as easy as one might think, so we usually opt for sweet, but not every sweet wine works. Be sure to read on.


Five well-known designers were asked to reinterpret he perennially fashionable little black dress for French retail chain Monoprix. French blog Luxsure shows you what Hussein Chalayan, Giles Deacon, Anne-Valérie Hash, Alexis Mabille and Yiqing Yin came up with in the post 5 Fashion Designers Reinterpret The Little Black Dress.

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