Lauren’s Fashion & Beauty Resolutions For 2014

January 6, 2014 • Beauty, Fashion, Fashion Blog


I asked everyone at Second City Style to come up with their style and beauty resolutions forgetting that I normally don’t make resolutions myself. I gave up years ago because I always break them. However, when it comes to fashion and beauty I hope I can finally keep these in 2014.


Try to stick to a strict fashion allowance.

We just moved from a 2 bedroom in Manhattan to a house in the burbs so we don’t have nearly enough furniture to fill the house. I am now shopping for items for my home more than clothing so this should be one resolution I can keep. I think.

Donate more clothes.

I thought I purged a lot of my old clothes when I packed to move, but to my surprise I filled my new walk-in closet (and our cedar closet) with an ungodly amount of ‘stuff’. So I think I feel it’s time to rid myself of even more. At least items I have not worn in 2 years. Then again, I fear once I get rid of something I will regret it. Much like the vintage Gucci belt I disposed of and then spent 3 years trying to track down again. Mission successful, but it was a colossal waste of time and energy.

Step out of my comfort zone fashion-wise.

Like a true New Yorker and even Chicagoan (I consider myself both) I gravitate towards black and shy away from color. This year I am going to try to add some brighter colors, pastels (the shade of the moment) and even some shine (patents and metallics). Under no circumstances though will I be caught dead in a crop top.

Be comfortable, but not schulbby.

As a new SUBURBAN soccer mom I am going to have to forgo some of my ‘city’ clothing on a daily basis. Thankfully sweatshirts have evolved. I will still refrain from sweatpants however as the last time I incorporated them into my wardrobe I gained 10 lbs. before I knew it! Elastic waists are not for me.

No more heels over 3 inches.

I am sick and tired of my feet hurting. Some people’s feet are not made for heels and I happen to have two of them! So now the challenge is to find shoes that are uber fashionable, but comfortable. Can it even be done? We shall see.


Re-learn how to blow out my own hair.

Last year was about my skin and thankfully very early in the year I found Dermalogica which changed my skin for the better. Now I need to figure out how to blow out my own hair – WELL. I used to be able to do it…like over 10 years ago. Yet, unlike riding a bike, these skills you can forget. Now I just need to find the time without a kid yelling for me.

Learn to apply eyeshadow better.

It doesn’t matter what shades I try, I can only apply eyeshadow one way. I cover the eye in a matte light color, add a little more color to the lid and then a darker color to the crease. BORING. Time to perfect this skill.

– Lauren Dimet Waters

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