Vintage: The Skinny On Tapered Leg Pants

January 6, 2014 • Magazine, Vintage


One of my favorite trends that seems like it’s here to stay (at least for a few more seasons) is the tapered leg pant. I know at first thought it’s easy to go back to the 1980s and 90s and all of the non-flattering pants that walked the streets, but present day tapers have emerged as a sexy and sophisticated option for almost every type of woman with any type of style.
Vince Pants Tapered Crop, 1950s Gold Cigarette Pants, Quilted 50s High Waisted Cropped Pants,Lucille Ball, Audrey Hepburn, Mary Tyler Moore, Marilyn Monroe. One rule that I live for in fashion is that comfort is key, and I love modern day tapered leg pants because they are as versatile and comfortable as a pair of jeans would be. You can get them in denim dyed in every color of the rainbow, in silk, satin, wool and any type of fabric blend and pattern that can be created. They pair impeccably with everything you have in your closet (and I mean everything!) and you can rock them with heels, flats, sneakers or sandals … the possibilities are endless!

I’m going to spare you the origins of this trend and get to the 1950s and 1960s when the tapered leg pant became popular in regards to fashion. Many of the most iconic women of the time were responsible for releasing this trend out into the mainstream. Some of my favorite fashion innovators of that time are Lucille Ball, Audrey Hepburn, Mary Tyler Moore and Marilyn Monroe. During that time, it was not very common for women to wear pants regularly, but somehow these ladies broke the mold and did it in a sexy and stylish way that caught on and continued to spread like wildfire to this day.

As stated previously, this trend is pretty easy-to-wear. All you have to do is find the color and fabric that you like. This is also a good way to incorporate some color into your wardrobe (I have pairs in red, yellow and purple!) I like to wear them ankle length or rolled up with a pair of ankle booties or flats. That way you don’t have to sacrifice comfort by wearing heels if you are a commuter or on your feet during the day. Tapered leg pants can be found at every price point from $20 to $200 and beyond. So it doesn’t have to be a commitment because you invested in an expensive pair, and you can get a vintage pair. Give them a try and see if this trend works for you. I was hesitant at first … and now I wear them almost exclusively!

1. Audrey Hepburn in Funnyface, 1957

2. Theory Lannya Trousers, now $109

3. J. Crew Minnie Pant in Medallion Print, $110

4. Vintage Mod Cigarette Pant // Super Cool VIntage 60s Yellow Check Bond Girl Cigarette Pants // Skinny Leg Ankle Capri Mod Pants Size Medium, $60

5. The Row Fall 2013 RTW

6. Vince Pants Tapered Crop, $235

7. 1950s Gold Cigarette Pants, Quilted 50s High Waisted Cropped Pants, $125

– Carmen Turner

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