Loehmann’s Nostalgia

January 8, 2014 • Fashion Blog, Retail Detail


When Daffy’s closed in NYC, I didn’t really care. I had only been there once or twice as there was a location right next to my doctor’s office in the city. I don’t think I ever purchased one thing there. Filene’s closing was a little more personal since I remember going my freshman year when I attended school in Boston and had been to the Michigan Avenue location a handful of times when I was in Chicago. Syms? Well who can forget those commercials? “An educated consumer is our best customer” in that New Yawk accent. Now that Loehmann’s is closing though, I am nostalgic and a bit sad. It’s not that I have shopped there in years, but boy, did I do some damage there in the 90’s!

There was an amazing Loehmann’s a few miles from where I lived just after college in Arlington, Virginia. I bet 75% of my D.C. ‘corporate’ wardrobe came from that store for my first job out of school. I remember scoring some great deals in the ‘back room’ and their shoe selection for work appropriate heels was pretty good too.

Last summer I happened to walk by a Loehmann’s after an appointment downtown and had a few minutes to spare so I went in and let’s just say I was less than impressed. Or maybe my memory is bad or my tastes have changed? All I can say is, I am not surprised they are liquidating. Times have changed and so have the way we shop and find designer bargains. Judging by the inventory I saw, it’s clear flash sale sites have taken a toll on these designer discount stores.

As part of Loehmann’s recently filed Chapter 11 case, they sold the right to hold liquidation sales at their 39 locations. Sales are set to start around January 13. However, if you happen to have a store credit, don’t expect to be able to use it once the sale begins. They won’t be accepted. Conversely gift cards will still be honored during the liquidation sales. The stores should be closed by March.

It’s a sad day for those of us who were once Loehmann’s customers, but it’s just one more chain to be sent off the the retail graveyard. If outlet stores are next, I’ll never shop in stores again!

– Lauren Dimet Waters

Image: WSJ

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