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H&M Jeans

H&M Debuts Recycled Denim

Remember H&M’s garment recycling initiative that launched almost a year ago? Next month, the retailer will launch a denim line made from the fibers of the recycled clothing that was collected. The capsule collection includes five styles for both men and women. “We are working increasingly with recycled materials, and as a designer, it is very important to create pieces taking into account the latest trends, but also technical developments in this field,” said H&M designer Jon Loman. “We are proud to offer environmentally friendly products, in which our clients and we believe.” H&M has collected 7.7 million pounds of used clothing so far.

Stores Find New Way to Manage Customers

At the recent National Retail Federation conference, new technology was revealed to help companies and brands. The new programs include facial recognition software that can read “microexpressions” of customers and will specifically be used to tell if they are angry. Ultimately, it can help the store provide better customer service to their shoppers. The software can read other expressions also and there are plans to use it during focus groups while testing new products. Developed by a company called Emotient, it can also determine gender with a 90 percent accuracy rate and age range with 70 percent accuracy.

Nordstrom Opening in Toronto

The retailer has signed a deal to open a new store in Toronto, using the space that Sears once occupied in the Eaton Centre. Nordstrom has been busy launching in Canada- there are also stores slated to open in Calgary, Ottawa, and Vancouver. Construction on the Toronto space will start in March. Nordstrom Canada president Karen McKibbin released a statement saying, “We want to serve those who live and work downtown as well as the many visitors to the city and think Toronto Eaton Centre is a great place to do so.”

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