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Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs to Change His Brand

Marc Jacobs recently left Louis Vuitton and is preparing for his company’s initial public offering. But he’s got more in mind than you might think- Jacobs wants to drastically change his eponymous brand. The designer recently talked to W Magazine about all the changes he plans to make, and here’s the scoop! Jacobs is considering a fresher look, saying, “I’m thinking we need to redesign the logo, the packaging. What about the shopping bags? The store interiors?” He also said bags and shoes are due for a redesign, explaining, “I was letting the design team do the bags, and, unfortunately, without my involvement, you get a lot of merchandisers telling the design team what to do. It got very polluted and diluted and lost its identity, and I think that’s the same with the shoes. Not to blame anybody, but things slipped, and the only one who can change that is me.”

The designer is also thinking about moving his New York Fashion Week show to Paris, which would take arguably the most important show off the schedule and allow for another important designer to take his place. He said, “There’s always been this impression that I’ve been in Paris only to do Vuitton, and New York for Marc Jacobs, but that’s never been the case. I have Marc Jacobs offices in Paris, and, if anything, maybe they need to get bigger. You know, I’m not opposed to someday showing Marc Jacobs in Paris. It’s part of what I thought might be a nice way to distinguish between the two lines.” Also surprising? His lower-priced Marc by Marc Jacobs line will get a name change. “The name, for starters, is going to change. I’ve always hated that name. I have an idea of what it should be, which I presented to everyone, but I can’t really say it yet. I’m very superstitious that way. I always believe that if I say something before it’s done it won’t really happen.”

Jacobs is further shaking things up by changing his business partners. When longtime photographer partner Juergen Teller declined to shoot his spring 2014 campaign featuring wild-child Miley Cyrus, Marc moved on, and explained, “Juergen didn’t want to shoot Miley. I didn’t get into why. It was our first time disagreeing, and maybe if we had disagreed more in the past I would have been more patient. Who knows? I guess a lot of people had problems with her behavior or something- because they’re all so pure and chaste, right? One thing I don’t tolerate is hypocrisy. Anyway, my attitude was: You don’t want to do it? Fine. Sorry it’s not working for you; but it’s my choice.” These changes will take time, so no doubt the fashion world will be waiting with bated breath to see the outcome of Marc Jacobs 2.0!

Bloomingdale’s Partners with Dita Von Teese

The famous model and burlesque icon Dita Von Teese is lending her trademark style to Bloomingdale’s. On March 15, the department store is launching a line of intimate apparel and lingerie designed by Von Teese. The collection will be available at six Bloomingdale’s locations and at “It’s so very exciting to be doing this with Bloomingdale’s, because I have a fascination with lingerie and my first job was in a lingerie store. I later created sexy-looking pinups and began collecting vintage lingerie. That’s what sparked my career,” said Von Teese. Her obsession with vintage lingerie from the Thirties, Forties, and Fifties was the inspiration for this line. Von Teese also made it a point to explain her love affair with intimate apparel. “I don’t put lingerie on for someone else. I put it on because it makes me feel good and ladylike. Even as a little girl it made me feel like a lady…. I’m trying to change women’s lives and their point of view about lingerie because the lines of what’s sexy and what’s not sexy have been blurred…. Why would a woman wait for a special occasion to wear her nicest things? I want to give women accessible glamour with my lingerie collection,” Von Teese said. The lingerie will be priced from $25 to $400.

Kelly Cutrone Talk Show to Debut

Anyone who has heard of Kelly Cutrone knows she loves speaking her mind. After appearing on “America’s Next Top Model,” “The Hills,” and “Kell On Earth,” she now has another platform to speak her mind. “The Kelly Cutrone Project,” a new live talk show on the CW’s digital-only network, CW Seed, will premiere later on this year. The People’s Revolution founder will talk about topics like fashion, beauty, pop culture, relationships, and food.

-Claire Mykrantz

Source: W, WWD

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