How To Apply False Lashes

April 8, 2014 • Beauty, Fashion Blog

Depending on how you want your fake lashes to accentuate your eyes, you’re either focusing them on the outer corners for that cat-eye look or centering them more to become a bright-eyed beauty. This Allure Beauty Basics video shows you all you need to know to make applying false lashes on your own less intimidating.

There are many ways to accentuate your eyes with false lashes. One way is by have the longer length lashes on the outer corners giving them a cat eye affect. Another way is to position them in the center changing you into a bright eyed beauty. Whatever look you desire it all starts with the same tools: eye lash curler, lash glue, false lashes, tweezers and mascara. To begin you want all your eye makeup on excluding your mascara. Next, take your eyelash curler and shape your real lashes the same shape as the false lashes. Now it is time to take your eyes to the next level! Apply a drop of eye lash glue on a clean surface or on the back of your hand. Next, take your tweezers pick up a lash cluster, which appear more natural and are easier to put on than strips, close to the base and dip the base in a small bit of glue. Slant your head back slightly to give you a clear vision of your lash line. Pick a gape to place your false lash cluster and wedge it in between your real lashes. Make sure to place the false lashes between your own and not on top of them. After you do that repeat the process, just make sure you don’t use more than five clusters per eye. Before you can run out to hit the town make sure you wait five minutes for the glue to dry so your false lashes hold their place. Brush on one coat of lengthening mascara to blend in the false lashes with your own. FYI: make sure it is lengthening mascara, thickening mascara will just clump your false lashes, making them look unnatural.

–Rachel Bogo

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