Spring ’14 Shoe Trend: The Hideous Orthopedic Sandal

April 8, 2014 • Blahnik Tonic, Fashion Blog, Trends

Can you tell I don’t care for this trend? Not one bit. I can’t fathom spending $600, let alone $60 on a designer pair of hideous orthopedic sandals. Yet somehow good taste in footwear has taken a back seat to comfort. And ugly comfort at that. To quote Joan Rivers on last week’s Fashion Police upon seeing a picture of the Olsen twins wearing Birkenstocks, “you will never get laid wearing these.” Listen, I hated Birkenstocks when I was in college and just because you add some bows and rhinestones, it doesn’t hide the fact they are unflattering. Yet, I would be remiss if I didn’t at least mention this trend. I actually don’t mind the Kelsi Dagger pair, but I don’t know if I will ever wear them.  So if you must consider this trend…here are some options.
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