Top 10 Spring Trends For Women Over 30

April 14, 2014 • Fashion, Fashion Blog, Trends

It’s time to face facts, if you are over 30 some fashion trends are just not your friend. Take the crop top for example. Unless you are say under 40 and have never had children and have a six-pack avoid this trend like the plague. Now you can wear a box top that has a shorter cut, but avoid purposely exposing your midriff. Another bad idea is wearing overalls. They look ridiculous on adults. Sorry. I’m not even a fan of them on anyone over 10.

There are plenty of trends you can partake in though. It’s just how you wear them that matters. For instance, the sheer trend is totally doable, so long as the sheer panels are in places that don’t cause embarrassment. Another trend that anyone can rock is the matchy-matchy print. Matching your top and bottom was considered taboo for so long, but now it’s back. What other trends should you consider? Well take a look at our top 10 trends for women over 30 above.

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